Custom Reports

We provide common reports, but if you want different data or layouts, you'll need to create a Custom Report.

Go to the Custom Reports Page

Click edit custom reports from any print page.

Choose Your Report Type

There are several different reports that you can create:

  • Plan Report - The plan report adds on a single element called plan which is a Plan variable type
  • Matrix Report - The matrix report adds on a collection of Plan variable types called plans which are the plans you have loaded in the Matrix
  • People Report - The people report adds on a single element called people which is a Person variable type

Once you've chosen the type of report you want to create, click create a report.

Name your report and choose what type of Template you'd like to use to start your report.

The template options change based on the type of report you choose to create.

Create Your Report

If you have a team member who is fluent in HTML, CSS, and has some basic programing knowledge, creating a Custom Report would be best given to them. However, we have listed some helps for you to use while creating your report! The links to the Templates Help as well as the References will help get you started.

If you do need help getting the correct data in your report, we can definitely take a look once you have your report created. Click the question mark in the top right to reach out to the Support Team.

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