Adding and Assigning Times

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Add, edit, or delete times and dates for your plans, and then assign teams to those times to avoid double-booking members of different teams.

You can add a new time to a plan, edit an existing time, or delete a time.

  • To edit an existing time, click on the time.
  • To delete a time, hover over the time and click the red minus sign.
  • To add a time, click add a time.
select add a time

Add details for a new time or make edits to an existing time.

Time Details
  1. Enter the date as well as the start and end time. Make sure to add an end time, so that people can be scheduled properly.
  2. Choose the type of time you are creating: Service Times are your advertised service times, Rehearsal Times are for when your team is practicing, Other Times can be call times or any other time you need your team members to know.
  3. Name your Rehearsal and Other Times, but leave Service Times unnamed unless there's a differentiating factor besides the time.
  4. Check this box if you want to create the time in upcoming plans that already exist.

After adding time information:

  • Make sure that only the correct teams are assigned to the time.
  • If you are editing times, apply the edits to future plans and scheduled people, if necessary.
  • After making all necessary edits, click Accept to apply your changes.

Assign Teams to a Time

When you are adding or editing a time, it's important to make sure that the team assignments are accurate.

Time Details
  1. Check each team that needs to be assigned to this time. When people on checked teams receive a scheduling email, this time will be listed.
  2. If you have Split Teams, your Split Teams will always be checked for Service Times. For Rehearsal and Other Times, however, you can choose which Split Team is assigned to the time.
  3. If you want an automated reminder email sent to people in any of your Teams, choose when the email should be sent.

Apply Edits to Future Plans

Apply the time settings to future plans or existing people.

Enter time details.
  1. Check this box if you want the changes to also apply to your future plans. Any times with the same name, type, and time will be updated similarly.
    For example, changing a Band Rehearsal from 6pm to 6:30pm will change future Band Rehearsals that were at 6pm to 6:30pm.
  2. Check this box if you changed which teams are assigned to this time and you want to update everyone assigned to the affected teams.
    For example, if you have Cafe already scheduled and accidentally assigned them to Band Rehearsal, you can edit the Band Rehearsal, uncheck Cafe, and then check this box to unassign them.

After making edits to times, teams, and future plans or people, click Accept to apply your changes.

Assign New Teams to  Multiple Times

If you make a new team and want to assign it to many times at once, even across plans in the future where the times aren't the same, you can use Time Adjustments. This saves you from editing each time individually.

Hover over Times and click the gear icon.

times gear

After selecting your team, check the times the team should be assigned to and uncheck any times not needed for that time.

check times

These time assignments reflect the current plan as well as all future plans. So, if you see a time not listed in this plan, it exists in a future plan. These assignments will be reflected in the times and on a person's schedule.

People with Viewer permissions and higher will see the times that they are scheduled for in bold. Times that they are not scheduled for will be grayed out. Scheduled Viewers will only see the times that they are scheduled for.

Times list
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