Archiving, Deleting, & Restoring People

This is a lesson that will show you how to archive a user in your account that doesn't need to be scheduled or emailed any longer, but still needs to exist in your account for reference purposes, and won't be able to login. It will also show you how to restore an archived account.

Archive (or delete) a person

Archive (or delete) a person
  1. Search from any page and select the person you'd like to archive OR
  2. From the main People tab...
  3. Click a person's permission to visit the details tab on their profile. (Or move your mouse over the person and hit D on your keyboard.)

Click Archive (or Delete) from the Details tab

Click Archive (or Delete) from the Details tab
  1. Make sure you are on the Details Tab
  2. Click Archive (or Delete forever), and then confirm it.

Archive. You should almost always choose to Archive. Archiving will prevent them from accessing the site, unassign them from teams, and prevent them from being emailed, while still holding their history and records in your account for reference purposes. Plus, archived people don't count against your maximum number of users in your PCO Services account

Delete. You should usually only delete people who have never been scheduled. Otherwise, to retain their scheduling history, you should Archive them instead. You might want to delete someone because you pay for your account based on how many people are in it, and you want to be able to add another person without upgrading, however archived accounts don't count against your people limit, so archiving them will allow you to add someone else in their place without upgrading.

Restore an Archived User

Restore an Archived User

From any page, click the search box in the top toolbar (or type / on your keyboard).

Type the name of the person you'd like to restore. Anyone with an Archived profile will be grouped at the bottom of the list.

Select the person you'd like to restore.

After selecting your person, click the button to View archived profile.

Restore their profile

Restore their account
  1. Click the Details tab or their permission in the header
  2. Click the 'Restore' button and confirm it

When you restore an archived profile, their general permission is set to Scheduled Viewer, and any folder or service type permissions they might have had previously are lost and become "Same as Parent."

Filtering for Archived Permissions

To find all Archived users in your account you can use Permissions (Highest) filters on the main People tab.

  1. Click the Filter button to reveal the filter sidebar. (Or type F on your keyboard)
  2. Switch to the Permissions tab to see those filters
  3. Choose 'Archived' in the Permissions (Highest) filter, making sure to leave the first option to 'Exactly'
  1. A new permissions filter pill is added to the filter bar.
  2. There might already be a filter applied, like in the screenshot above. These results are Archived people who ALSO were previously assigned to specific teams. To see ALL archived people in the account, click directly on any other filters and hit delete on your keyboard so your permissions filter is the only one applied.

Who can archive, restore & delete

In order to archive, restore, or delete you must at least have Administrator permissions of some kind. It then breaks down as follows:

  • Organization Administrators can always archive, restore, or delete anyone.
  • General Administrators can archive & restore anyone who is not an Organization Admin. By default, General Administrators can only permanently delete people they have created, but you can change a setting to allow them to delete anyone.
  • Folder or Service Type Administrators can only Archive people whose highest permission is Viewer or Scheduled Viewer. They can Restore anyone (since permissions are reset). They can only delete people they have created, unless you change a setting to allow them to delete anyone.
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