Archive, Remove, and Restore People

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If a user in your account doesn't need to be scheduled or emailed any longer but still needs to exist for reference purposes, you can archive them. This person will no longer be able to log in.

If you've archived a person, you can easily find and restore the person.

Who can archive, restore, and delete?

People with the following permissions can archive, restore, or delete profiles:

  • Administrators can archive, restore, or delete any profile.

  • Schedulers and Editors can archive, restore, or remove profiles they created.

  • Folder and Service Type Administrators can only archive people whose highest permission is Viewer or Scheduled Viewer, but they can restore anyone.

If you want all Administrators to be able to delete anyone and not just those they have created, an Organization Administrator can change the setting.

Archive or Remove a Person

You should almost always choose to archive for these reasons:

  • Archiving will prevent people from accessing the site, unassign them from teams, and prevent them from being emailed, while still holding their history and records in your account for reference purposes.

  • Archived people don’t count as team members in your Services account, and if you restore them, their team assignments and tags are restored. (Their permissions will be reset, however.) Archiving people who aren't currently active allows you to add more people without upgrading or to downgrade your account.

  • Archiving retains a person's scheduling history. When you delete a person, it removes them from any past plans they were scheduled in, so you should only delete people who have never been scheduled.

From the Actions menu in a person's profile, click Archive or Remove.

archive or remove_arrow.png

Choose to archive or remove the person from Services or take actions from the People database to delete, set inactive,or merge people.

  • If you archive or remove a person from Services, only their Services profile is affected.

  • Actions that you take in People affect a person's status in all Planning Center products.

You must have permission to access People to take actions from the People database.


Filter for Archived People

To find all archived users in your account, you can filter for archived people from the People tab on the People page.

filter by permissions_numbered.png
  1. Open the Filter sidebar, and select the Permissions tab.

  2. In the Permissions (Highest) section, choose Exactly in the first dropdown.

  3. In the second dropdown, choose Archived.

A new permissions filter is added to the filter bar, and the list of archived people is displayed.

filter by archived.png

To see all archived people in the account, delete any other filter options, so your permissions filter is the only one applied.

Access an Archived Person's Profile

You can find an archived person's profile by filtering for a list of archived people and choosing the person from the list.

You can also search for an archived person using the Add Person button in the top right of the page when the People tab is selected.

add person_arrow.png

Type the person's name into the search box, and then select the name.


Do not select Create a new person... unless you want to create a new profile with someone of the same name.

Select View archived profile to be taken to the person's profile.

archived confirmation.png

Restore a Person's Profile

Access the person's profile, click the Actions menu and select Restore.


When you restore an archived profile:

  • Their general permission is set to Scheduled Viewer, and any other permissions will be reset to the accounts default permissions.

  • Any folder or service type permissions they might have had previously are lost and become Same as Parent.

  • Their team assignments and tags are restored.

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