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Tags allow you to label your people, songs, arrangements, and media. You can then filter by tags to find everything with that tag applied.

Tags, Teams, and Tag Teams
When it comes to People tags, it is helpful to understand the difference between Tags and Teams.

Tags are a universal attribute or skill that can be applied to the person in general. For example, Jenn plays the piano. When you filter by the Piano tag, you'll see everyone in your entire account that plays piano.

Teams are more specific and allow you to specify where she plays the piano. Jenn plays piano in the High School band so she is assigned to that team.

Tag Teams are a special type of Team whose members cannot be assigned, but instead consist of people with specific Tags. Tag Teams are mostly used when you have multiple Teams or Positions with the exact same members. Instead of assigning an Usher to all 3 door positions, assign him to one 'Usher' tag, and link each door position to that Tag. Then giving him 1 Tag assigns him to 3 positions.

Administrators can access Tags from the People page, the Song page, or the Media page.

People Page

At the top right of the People tab, select the gear and choose Edit Tags.

Edit Tags from the People page
Songs Page

From the Songs page, select edit tags in the left sidebar.

edit tags from the song page

The Songs page has separate buttons for Song Tags and Arrangement Tags, but you can switch between the different Tag types once you are on the Tag page.

Media Page

From the Media page, select edit tags in the left sidebar.

edit tags from the media page
  1. If you use organize multiple Service Types in folders, you can assign Tag Groups to those folders. This allows different ministries to create their own Tag Groups that don't have to clutter up tags for everyone.
  2. Each white box is a Tag Group that contains individual Tags.
  3. Add Tags to a group by typing and hitting enter.
  4. Hover over a tag to view the people in the tag or delete it.
  5. Create a new Tag Group by clicking Add Tag Group.

Edit or Delete a Tag Group

Hover over a tag group and select the pencil to make changes to the tag group.

Add or Edit Tag Group
Tag Group options
  1. Name the Tag Group.
  2. If you have organized your account into folders for different departments, and this Tag Group only pertains to one of them, put this group into that folder.
  3. If more than one tag in the Tag Group can pertain to the person, song, arrangement or media, then check this box.
  4. With this box checked, when a new person, song, arrangement, or media is added to the account, one of the tags must be selected.

To completely remove the Tag Group and its Tag, select Delete; select Cancel to forget any changes made; select Save to save the changs.

  • Required tags cannot be removed unless they are one of multiple tags. If you remove a required tag using Bulk Edit, it will not be removed if that is their only tag in that group.
  • If a Tag Group does not have allow multiple selections, then it can only have one Tag from each Tag Group applied. If you try to assign a second Tag from that group, you will be asked it you want to replace the original Tag. If you try this from Bulk Editing, it will automatically replace any existing Tag in that group with your new selection.

Edit or Delete a Tag

To edit a Tag name, select the name and re-enter it then hit enter to save your changes.

To delete a Tag, hover over it and click the trash can.

To delete, click the red X

Assign Tags

There are many ways to assign Tags. When you edit a person, song, arrangement, or media, you can assign it Tags from the Tags section on that page.

People tags can also be assigned directly from the Tag page itself or using Bulk Editing.

From the Song, Arrangement, Media, or Profile

From a Songs or Arrangement, select Add.

From a Media item, select the Search bar to type or choose from the dropdown.

From the Details tab on someone's profile, select Add.

To remove any of the tags, select the x to its right.

From the Tags Page (People Only)

People Tags allow you to manage the people who are assigned to each Tag. Hover over any people Tag and click the person icon.

Edit people button

Assign new people to this tag by typing their name in the search box at the top. Remove people from this tag by hovering over their name and clicking the trash can.

Assign People Tags
Using Bulk Editing (People Only)

From the People page, select people by clicking the checkboxes to the left of their names and click the Bulk Edit button.

Bulk Edit Button

Add or remove tags from everyone in your selection by typing to add a tag to either the Add Tags or Remove Tags box.

Bulk Edit Popup
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