Setting Up Tags

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You create tags and assign them people, songs, and media with common characteristics. Then you can filter by the tags to create lists or assign people to teams.


People with General Administrator permissions can access Tags from the People page, the Song page, the Media page, or the Files page.

Click the gear icon on the page, and then select Edit Tags.

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Create a Tag Group

Tag Groups organize tags by a common criteria.

For example, if you want to be able to search for song arrangements by Lead Vocal, Speed, or Style, you can create tag groups for each of these tag types. You can also search for arrangements tagged in more than one group type, for example songs with a Fast Speed tag and Contemporary Style tag.

In the tab for the type of Tag Group that you want to create, click Add Tag Group.

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Fill out the information for the Tag Group.

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  1. Name the Tag Group.

  2. If you have organized your account into folders for different departments, and this Tag Group only pertains to one of them, choose this folder from the dropdown.

  3. If more than one tag in the Tag Group can pertain to the person, song, arrangement or media, then check this box.

  4. With this box checked, when a new person, song, arrangement, or media is created, one of the tags must be selected.

When you are finished filling in the information, click Save.


When RehearsalMix is enabled, a File Tag Group with File tags will be automatically created for RehearsalMix.

Edit or Delete a Tag Group

Hover over a tag group, and select the pencil to make changes to the tag group.

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Make any needed changes, and then click Save.

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Click Delete if you want to completely delete the Tag Group.

Create a Tag

In a Tag Group, type the name of the new tag into the box, and then press Enter.

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Edit or Delete a Tag

To edit a Tag name, select the name and re-enter it, and then press Enter save your changes.

edit tag name.gif

To delete a Tag, hover over it and click the trash can.

delete tag.png

Assign Tags

There are many ways to assign Tags, depending on where you assign them.

For instructions on assigning tags, see the article that corresponds with the type of tag you want to assign.

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