Printing People Reports

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This lesson shows you how to print reports from the People page and gives examples of some of the built-in reports.

Make a selection and click print

On the People page, click Print in the top right corner.
  1. Use the filter bar to filter the main list of people. You can also click the checkboxes next to individual people to refine your selection further. If you don't use the checkboxes, everyone in your filter is selected.
  2. Click on the Print Report button.

Choose the report you want

Choose the report you want.

There are numerous built-in reports you can choose from, or with some web coding knowledge you can customize them. Here are examples of some of the built-in reports.

Block-Out Dates

Block-Out Dates:

This report will show you a list of each person's blockout dates.



This report will show you a printable list of everyone in your system, in alphabetical order. If they have a picture attached, it will show you the picture. It will also list their email address and phone numbers that are in the system.

Future Schedule

Future Schedule

This report shows your people and then any future dates they are scheduled for. There is another version of this report that includes Positions, but it is slower to run.

Last Logged In

Last Logged In

This report shows your people's names, email addresses, phone numbers, and then the last date/time they logged into the system. This is often helpful for leaders who want to see if their people have logged in to block out dates or check schedules.

People Assignments

This report lists all your people along with their Team (Position) and Tag assignments.

People Grouped by Tags

People Grouped by Property

This will show you a printable list of your Tags and who is assigned to each one.

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