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You can generate and print reports to get a list of information on people's scheduled dates and positions, blockout dates, tags, and contact information.

In the People tab, use filters to create a list of people that you want in the report.


By default, all people in the list will be included in the report. If you want to select people separately to include in the report, put a check box by their name.

When you are ready to run the report, click the printer icon.

Choose the type of report and formatting options from the dropdown menus.

With some web coding knowledge, you can also create custom reports.

Choose the report you want.

See the sections below for descriptions of the built-in People reports.

Block-Out Dates

This report shows the blockout dates for each person in the list.

Block-Out Dates:

This report gives you printable list of the people that you've selected in alphabetical order, including their email addresses and phone numbers that are in the system.

Future Schedule

This report shows any future dates that people are scheduled for.

There is another version of this report (Future Schedules - With Positions) that includes positions, which is slower to run.

Future Schedule
Last Logged In

This report shows your people's names, email addresses, phone numbers, and then the last date/time they logged into the system.

This is often helpful for leaders who want to see if their people have logged in to block out dates or check schedules.

Last Logged In
People Assignments

This report lists all your people along with their Team (Position) and Tag assignments.

People Grouped by Tags

This reports shows a printable list of Tags and who is assigned to each one.

People Grouped by Property
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