Send Emails From the People Page

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If you want to email a person or group of people, you can get their email contact information and email them from the People page. The options that you have for emailing from the People page depend on the permissions that you have in Services.

Scheduled Viewers don't have access to the People tab, and they cannot email anyone through Services.

Emailing an Individual

Anyone who has permission to access the main People tab can email people from the list.

Click on the person's email address in the People list.

People list

Clicking on the email address opens an email compose window populated with the person's email address.

  • For Viewers, the email will be sent from their own email client.
  • For Administrators, Editors and Schedulers, the email will be sent and tracked through Services.

Emailing More Than One Person

If you are an Administrator, Editor, or Scheduler, you can email several people at once.

In the People tab, filter the list to include the people you want to email, and then click the email icon to email everyone on the list.

If you want to only email selected people on the list, click their pictures to add checkmarks next to the people's names.

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