How to Email from the People Page

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This lesson different ways to email people from the People page, and which permissions can do what.

Administrators, Editors, and Schedulers:

Administrators, Editors, and Schedulers:
  1. Use the filter bar to filter the main list of people. You can also click the checkboxes next to individual people to refine your selection further. If you don't use the checkboxes, everyone in your filter is selected.
  2. Click the Email People button.
  3. You can email a single person by clicking directly on their email address.



Viewers can only view people from their own Teams. They can email someone by clicking on a person's email address but do not have the official email button. In addition, messages sent by Viewers are sent using their own email app and are not tracked by Planning Center.

Scheduled Viewers:

Scheduled viewers do not have an option to email anyone through PCO, and can't see the People tab at all.

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