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The Master Calendar allows you to see a larger view of all plans, blockout dates, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can filter the calendar to view specific Service Types or calendar items.

View the Calendar

On the Plans page, select View Master Calendar.

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Each colored heading indicates a different item listed in the calendar.

  1. All plan times are listed under the blue Service Type heading, and some dates have more than one Service Type with a plan.

  2. Everyone's blockout dates are indicated by the red headings.

  3. Yellow and green headings show birthdates and anniversaries.

  4. The green bar indicates the current date.the name of the service is the title of the rehearsal time that was typed in that specific plan.


Select a plan time to be taken directly to that plan.

You can filter the calendar to change which items are viewable.

  1. Filter to view item for a specific Service Type.

  2. Check boxes for specific items that you want to view.


Scheduled Viewers and Viewers who aren't allowed people access will only see information related to the teams they're on, and the items filter will not be available to them.

Change the Calendar Start Day

You can set the first day in the calendar to Sunday or Monday.

From the gear menu in the main plans page, click Calendar Settings.

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Select Sunday or Monday, and then click Save.

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