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Tags allow you to filter media to meet your own customized criteria, such as media that are only used in a specific ministry.

Create Media Tags

From the Media library, an Administrator can click the gear menu, and then select Edit Tags.

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From the Media tab, an Administrator can create, edit, and organize Tags and Tag Groups.

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Assign Media Tags

Open a media item from the Media library, and then click the Add button in the Tags section.

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To add a tag, start typing the name of the tag and select it, and or select a tag group to see its tags.

To remove a tag, click the x next to the tag name.

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Filter Using Tags

In the Media Filter, click the Tags tab. Choose any combination of tags or tag groups to filter the media list.

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Bulk Edit Tags

You can add or remove tags from more than one media item at a time using bulk editing.

From the Media library, select the media items that you want to edit, and then click the pencil icon.

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When you put your cursor into either the Add Tags or Remove Tags fields, the available tag groups are displayed. Select a tag group, then select a specific tag.

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Click Update Media when you have selected all the tags that you want to add or remove.

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