Attaching Media to Items in Your Plan

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You can attach any media from the Media Tab to items in your plan. This is especially helpful if you are using Planning Center Projector and want to display videos during your service or attach videos or images as backgrounds for your songs.

Attach Media Item

Hover over Plan Item and click the pencil icon to open the editing tool.

Choose Media to Attach

Choose Media to Attach

Search, filter, or choose from the Available Media alphabetical list. As soon as you choose media, it'll be added to the item.

Access Media on the Plan

Click the triangle to expand the item and see attachments. If you click the thumbnail, the media will play in the Media Player; clicking the title will take you to its media page.

You can also hover over the gray box to see a list of attachments instead of the thumbnail.

Once you have your media added to the plan, you can access that media in Projector!

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