Attaching Media to Items in Your Plan

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You can attach any media from your Media library to items in your plan. People with access to the plan can view and download the media items from the plan.

Before attaching a media item to your plan, you need to add the media item to the Media library.

Adding a Media Item to a Plan

To add a media item to a plan, hover over add an item, and click Add Media.

Search or browse for media from the Media library, and then click the media item that you want to link to.

Click 'link media'

 Fill out any details about the item that you want your volunteers to know about, and then click Accept.

If your media file isn't an item in your service, you can set its length to 0, make it a pre-service item, and drag it to the top to give it better visibility.

Accessing Files in a Plan

Hover over the gray number on the row of the media item to view or download the files attached to the media item.

Once you have your media added to the plan, anyone that has access to the plan can view or download the attachments!

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