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When you have sermon slides, videos, curriculum, or other forms of media that you want to use in your service, you can easily store them in your Media library to use in a plan.

You can also sync media files with supported third-party presentation software to show on the screen during your service.

Create Media

A media item is a container for one or more media files. You can add different types of media (such as PDFs and videos) to a single media item.

To create a media item, click Add media from the Media library.

Add media

Enter a title, and add additional information that describes the media. You can also choose archive options, add tags, and enable file attachments.

Enter Media information.

When you are finished adding the information, click Submit.

Finish uploading or linking a file, if necessary.  You will then be taken to the media page.

Edit Media

From the media page, you can edit the media information, see scheduling information for the item, add files, update archive options, and add notes and tags.

Access Media Files

After a file is added to the media page, you can edit, view, download, or play the file.

  1. Edit the file attachment types, edit the primary thumbnail, and view license information.
  2. Go to the file link or download the file if it's an attachment.
  3. Play a song or video file or view a text or image file.

You can also hover over a file attachment and type d to download it or x to delete it.

After you've added the media you want, learn how to add that media to a plan!

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