Creating, Archiving, and Deleting Media

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When you have sermon slides, videos, curriculum, or other forms of media in your service, you can easily store them in Services to use in a plan. The Media library hosts all files that you can add to plans.

You can also sync media files with supported third-party presentation software to show on the screen during your service.

Create Media

In the Media tab, click add media.

A media item is a container for one or more media files. You can add different types of media (such as PDFs and videos) to a single media item.

Add the information about the media item.

Enter Media information.
  1. Enter a title that describes the files that you will attach to the media.
  2. Choose the type of media, enter the length and creator, and enter a theme.
  3. Choose when to auto-archive any media.
    Archiving removes the media from the Media library, but it is not the same as deleting. The media will count against your storage until you delete it.
  4. You can add tags to your item, and then filter the Media library based on those tags.

When you are finished adding the information, click Submit to be taken to the individual media page.

Add Information

The individual media page contains all the information you just added, gives you a place to add any additional information, and allows you to add attachments.

  1. If you forgot or would like to change some of the information you input when you added the item, click Edit to update it.
  2. Use the filter to select dates and see the dates of each plan that used this media.
  3. If you have files you want to upload or link to this media, click Add to add any attachments.
  4. Add any notes about this media.
  5. Assign tags to help you filter later.

If you click on a file, you'll be able to preview it right in your screen without downloading it! Download a file using the download button that shows when you hover over a file or hover and type d. If you're previewing the item, you can then download it at the top right of the file preview.

Archive and Restore

You can archive any media that you only need for special occasions, so you don't clutter up your Media library.

From the individual media page, you can click Later to choose a date that you want to archive it, or archive it now.

 Archived media does count against your allotted file storage space, so if you are sure you won't use the media again, delete it.

If you've archived media, it's easy to restore it! From the Media tab, check the box to Show Archived Media, and then click Apply Filter.

Click on the media to go to the individual media page, and then click Restore.

Delete Media

If you decide you won't use the media again, you can delete it from the Media library or delete the files from the individual media page.

Hover over the media, click the red minus circle, and then confirm the deletion.

To delete a file within a media item, click the media item to go to the individual media page. Hover over the file you want to delete, and click the pencil icon.

Click Delete, and then confirm.

Delete modal

You can also delete by using a Hotkey! Hover over the file and type x to delete. Then confirm by clicking Yes, delete it!

After you've added the media you want, learn how to add that media to a plan!

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