Using The Matrix To Schedule

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Using the Matrix, you can schedule many weeks at a time and consolidate multiple scheduling requests into one email per person.

Load the matrix with the plans that you want to schedule from, and then click the dropdown arrow next to a team to expand the positions.

To Schedule People:

There are four different ways you can schedule people in the matrix.

Drag and drop, add a person, or link for more people needed.
  1. Click and drag the name of the person you wish to schedule to another plan. They will be added to the position, and a notification will be prepared for them.
  2. Hover over an empty position, and click on the schedule a person link when it appears.
  3. Click on the x person(s) needed link to fill a needed position.
  4. Click + person to schedule a person to the team.

You can also schedule people using the People sidebar on the left and dragging these people onto a plan, or add needed positions by hovering over the date in the header.

To send an email to people who are scheduled in the matrix, click email these people.

To email through the Matrix, click 'email these people'

The matrix will compile one email for all people who are scheduled for multiple times. This is convenient if you have someone on a schedule for many dates, and you want them to just receive one email instead of several. They will still respond to each individual date, but it will cut back on the number of emails being sent to their inbox.

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