Using the Matrix to Schedule

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You can schedule many plans across multiple service types at a time and consolidate multiple scheduling requests into one email per person. Load the plans you need to schedule, add people to positions, and send one email with details about all the plans.

Schedule Teams

Load the matrix with the plans you want to schedule, and then click the dropdown arrow next to a team to expand the positions. 


In the team section, there are a couple of different ways you can schedule people in the matrix.

scheduling matrix_numbered.png
  1. Click and drag the name of the person you wish to schedule to another plan. They will be added to the position, and a notification will be prepared for them.

  2. If you have needed positions, click Needed to schedule a person from the team list. Finalize by clicking the add button.

If you want to quickly see all your positions, even those without any needed positions, you can use the Layout menu button to expose these. 



If you need additional needed positions for the plan, hover over the team name in the header, and click the arrow to choose needed positions. Adjust and save.

needed positions.png

Send Emails

Click the email icon to send one email with all the scheduled times.

email these people_arrow.png

A scheduled person can respond to each individual date by clicking View plan, or they will be taken to Services if they click Respond to Requests.

respond to requests.png
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