How to Schedule Your People

There are many ways to schedule your people in Planning Center Services. This lesson is an overview that will briefly describe the different ways and give you links to learn about each one.

First: Assign People to Teams

Unless the people you want to schedule aren't members of a permanent team, you'll want to assign your people to Teams before reading how to schedule them in this article. Assigning is usually step 1. Scheduling is step 2. If your teams are assigned, you're ready to move on!

Check out our tutorial on Scheduling and Emailing Your People!

Schedule One Week at a Time from a Plan

  • Scheduling Assigned Team Members - Tell Planning Center how many people you will need for each position, and get a list of people to choose from, which includes potential conflicts. Or just create needed positions to remember to schedule them later.
  • Scheduling Rotating Teams - If your team has sub-teams that are scheduled on a rotation based on which week it is, you can make a template for each rotation and then import that template to any plan.
  • Faster Scheduling Using Templates - If your team looks the same each week, because the specific people or the number of people needed are the same, create a template to speed up scheduling. Choose your template when creating a new plan or use the import button for existing plans.
  • Scheduling A Guest Person - Learn how to schedule people one at a time who are not part of a team.
  • Scheduling Large Groups for Special Events - Learn how to schedule an entire group that is not part of a team. You can schedule the whole group to one position, or you can schedule each person to different Positions.

Schedule Many Weeks at a Time using the Matrix

  • Using The Matrix To Schedule - The Matrix shows you many plans side by side. Learn how to use the Matrix to schedule weeks or months at a time.
  • Auto-scheduling in the Matrix - If you have setup your needed positions, you can have Services automatically complete your schedule, avoiding any conflicts or block-out dates.

Allow Users to Schedule Themselves using Signup Sheets

  • Signup Sheets - Enable Signup Sheets for Teams within your plans, and people can signup for any of their needed positions.
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