Setting Up Teams & Positions

Before you start scheduling, you need to assign people to Teams. Many other features rely on properly setting up your Teams. You can take a guided tour, check out our video, or read below to see how to assign people to teams.

Edit Teams within a Service Type

Planning Center Services allows you to segment different services within your church into different Service Types within your account. Service Types would be things like "Contemporary Service", "Traditional Service", "High School Service".

Each Service Type has its own set of Teams.

The first step is to go into any plan within a Service Type, and manage its Teams. Hover over the "Teams" heading and click the gear. This can be done from two places.

From Scheduling View

First click the People sidebar button at the top left under the Services logo. This button toggles you in and out of Scheduling View.

After you are in Scheduling view and the main part of the screen changes, click the gear icon next to the Teams heading.

(Later, if you need to get back to the Order of Service view, just click the same People button again.)

Add or Edit Teams

From here, you can add new teams, or edit your existing ones
  1. To edit an existing team, hover over it and click on the pencil icon
  2. To add new teams, click on the 'add new team' button at the bottom

When you click on a Team, you can see the positions within that team, like Band in the screenshot above. We'll talk more about those positions later.

Set Team Options

There are many different options for setting up each Team. The good news is that usually you won't have to change any of these settings, as the default options are good in most cases. However there are 3 options on the Setup tab you can change if you have specific needs.

  1. 'Directly' is the easiest and default setting. Usually you only choose 'Using Tags' if this exact Team serves in multiple Service Types. For this lesson, leave this setting on Directly even if you want to come back and change it to Tags later.
  2. If you require everyone on your Team to pass a Background Check before they are scheduled, check the box to make this a Secure Team. If this box is already checked, an Admin has required Background Checks for all Teams in this Service Type. Learn more about Background Checks.
  3. If you have more than 1 Service Time, like a 9am and 11am Contemporary Service, and your Team uses different people at each time, enable Split Teams. If your Team uses the same people at both times, keep this disabled.

If you're curious about what some of the other tabs are for, here is a lesson that will show you how to Manage Your Team Settings.

After the settings are how you would like them, click 'Accept'.

Add Positions

Now that we have Teams set up, we'll want to change or add Positions.

Click on a Team to expand it and show its positions.

  1. Edit an existing Position by hovering over it and clicking the pencil.
  2. Add a new Position by clicking on the 'add position' button.

Assign People

To assign people to your Teams, you actually assign them to specific positions within your Teams. You can now simply type people's names and assign them to positions within your team (as long as you didn't choose 'Using Tags' when setting Team Options above).

Now that we're editing the Position, we can assign people to it
  1. Change or enter the name of the Position here
  2. People can be removed from this list by hovering over their name and clicking on the red circle
  3. Scheduling Preferences. Schedulers can set preferences for how often each team member wants to serve. Team Members can change these preferences themselves from their profile page. Later, when you are actually scheduling, you'll see warnings if you try to schedule them outside of their preferences, though you are free to ignore those warnings.
  4. Assign people to this position by entering their name into this box. If a person is already in your Planning Center account, just select them in the list. If not, you can create them directly from here by clicking 'Create A New Person' and following the steps.

Once you Accept, these people are now assigned to this Position within this Team. When you go to their Profile page, you'll see this Team & Position listed in their Teams section. You'll also be able to find everyone on your teams and quickly email everyone assigned to the team.

After you're finished editing this position, click 'Accept' at the bottom. Then set up and assign all the other positions within your Team.

Next: Scheduling

Now that your teams and positions are assigned, you're ready to learn how to schedule your teams.

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