Managing Your Schedule

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Use the My Schedule page to manage your schedule. If you have a household set up, you can also manage the schedule of those people as well.

My Schedule Page

You can accept or decline scheduling requests, view the plans you are a part of, and block out dates you know you will be unavailable from your My Schedule page.

The images of the My Schedule page shown below include the schedule for household members. In order to see your household members' schedules, you will need to have a household set up in Planning Center. If you want to view the schedules for your household, use the Email My Leader button on the My Schedule page to contact your team leader and ask them to set it up.

If a team leader has added you to their schedule but hasn't sent you an email yet, it will not show up in My Schedule until the email is sent.

  1. View a calendar overview with color-coded symbols under the dates. The scrolling list below the scheduled dates adjusts to match the calendar view.
  2. Set blockout dates to let your team leaders know when you aren't available to serve.
  3. Access the master calendar or sync your scheduled plans to your specific calendar.
  4. Set blockout dates to let your team leaders know when you aren't available to serve.
  5. View any messages sent or received in Services.
  6. Select from a list of leaders for the teams that you are on, and send that person an email.
  7. Sign up for a position or view, accept, or decline scheduling requests.

Signup sheets, pending scheduling requests, and confirmed requests, are all displayed on your My Schedule page.

The My Schedule Page
  1.  Signup Sheets allow people to schedule themselves. Select sign up to schedule yourself for any dates that are created.
  2. Dates in the Pending section are requests that have been sent to you, but you have not responded yet. Respond by clicking Accept or Decline.
  3. Click Accept All to accept all scheduling requests that are visible in the pending section, including requests for those in your household.
  4. Dates in the Confirmed section are plans you have confirmed.

If you have family members showing that you don't want to accept or decline positions for, deselect their pictures at the top of the page. This will remove their scheduled positions from your My Schedule page.

Responding to Scheduling Requests

Select the date on a card to go to the plan, or hover over the card to accept or decline specific positions.

In Pending cards, you have the option to also accept positions.

Reponding to requests
  1. Click on the date or title of the plan to go to the plan.
  2. Click the clock icon to see a popup of all times assigned to the positions.
  3. Hover over a position to see the option to decline or accept that position.
  4. Click Decline or Accept to accept all positions for this plan.
Plan card

Changing Your Response

If you have accepted a position and decide later that you want to decline it, you can decline it from the Confirmed section of your My Schedule page.

Hover over the plan card, and click the X to decline the position. If there is more than one position on a plan card, you will need to decline them separately.


If you have declined a position and you now want to accept it, you will need to contact your team leader to ask them to reassign you.

You can only email leaders for the teams that you are on. If you have household members that want to accept a previously declined position, they will need to contact their team leader themselves.

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