Managing Your Schedule

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This lesson shows you how to accept or decline scheduling requests, view the plans you are a part of, and block out dates you know you will be unavailable.

From the Plans tab, open My Schedule by selecting the triangle if it's not already expanded.

The My Schedule Page

If someone has added you to their schedule but hasn't sent you an email yet, it will not show up in My Schedule until the email is sent.

  1. View a calendar overview with color-coded symbols over dates.
    • A green triangle is for any dates you've confirmed.
    • A yellow square is for any dates you've been notified of but haven't yet responded to.
    • A red dot is for dates you've either declined or blocked out.
    • Access the master calendar, block out any dates you'll be unavailable, or sync your scheduled plans to your specific calendar.
  2. Dates in the yellow box are requests that have been sent to you but you have not responded to yet. Respond by clicking accept or decline.
  3. Other dates listed in My Schedule are plans you have confirmed. Hover over the date to decline or access Music Stand, the media player, or all PDFs for the plan. Click the name of the service to access the plan itself.
  4. Signup Sheets allow people to schedule themselves. Select sign up to schedule yourself for any dates that are created.

Signup Sheets

If your church allows people to schedule themselves, you might get an email with a link to a signup sheet, or you might see a link to sign up in your schedule. After clicking the link in your email or My Schedule, you'll be taken to the Signup Sheet.

Signup Sheets

Each date available for signups is shown in a column, and any positions you can sign up for will have a green sign up button. Click sign up to add yourself to the schedule and confirm that you will be there.

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