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Planning Center Services is an online system that allows you to manage your schedule, update contact information, and access plans and files. 

You can access Services from the web or the mobile app on your phone or tablet.

This article is primarily for Services Viewers. Team Leaders or Administrators, see the Getting Started articles.

Watch our introduction video on accessing Services from the mobile app, and read on to learn how to make the most of your account and know what to expect!

How do I access the mobile app?

With the Services mobile app, you can manage your schedule or prepare for your service. You can install the Services mobile app to your device from:

What can I do in Services?

You can manage your schedule, update your information, and access service information from the Services web or mobile app.

Manage the schedule for yourself and your household from your My Schedule page.

  • Accept or decline scheduling requests.
  • Sign up for open positions.
  • Block out dates that you know you will be unavailable to serve.

Update personal information from your profile.

  • Manage your scheduling preferences.
  • Update your contact information and profile picture.
  • Reset your password.
  • Set up text messaging.

Access plans and files.

  • If your church give you access, you can view service plans and related files, like chord charts, documents, or mp3s.
  • If you need to access to services and files and don't have the correct permissions, contact your team leader.

This video will show you more tips about accessing media and songs from within the mobile app.

How can I get help?

If you're not sure how to do something, help is available from the Services web and the mobile app.

Services Web Help

We have articles especially for team members in the Team Members Basics section of the Services help center.

You can also click the question mark in the upper right corner of any page in Services to search documentation or contact a support agent.

What's Next?

Mobile App Help

See articles in the Services Mobile Help Center for more information on using the mobile app.

You can also access documentation and contact support from the Help button in the sidebar of the app.

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