An Introduction to Planning Center Services

Planning Center is an online system for scheduling team members, organizing services and streamlining communication. Your church has signed you up, so watch our introduction video or read on to learn how to make the most of your account and know what to expect!

Your Online Schedule

When your church is ready, they will send you scheduling request emails with big buttons to Accept or Decline. You can also login at any time and manage your schedule by visiting One way you can help your church is to login and block-out dates ahead of time that you know you will be unavailable. If they try to schedule you, they'll see your blocked-out dates and know you won't be able to serve without even having to ask!

Your Contact Information

The great thing about having your own account, is that you can update your email address, password, profile picture or setup text messaging any time you want from your Profile page.

Service Details & Files

Your church might give you access to view services and related files. If they have uploaded files like chord charts, documents, or mp3s, you'll be able to access them by clicking the blue triangle left of any item to expand it. If you are a musician, check out the rehearse button at the top right of each plan to access the media player or to download all chord charts at once.

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