Preventing Charts from Shifting Using Chord Pro

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You can use Chord Pro formatting to prevent chords from shifting in your charts.

Sometimes a shift can happen in your chord chart when you transpose the chord chart to a new key, depending on font that you're using.

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Fix Shifts with Chord Pro

Place your chords inside of brackets in your lyric lines to lock chords to syllables or words in your chord chart so that there won't be a shift.

Any square brackets [ ] will be treated as special chord characters. Any chords or text within these brackets will be treated as a chord-related object, and added to its own line in the chart or removed from the lyrics sheet.

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You can mix and match your chart with regular and Chord Pro lines, so you don't have to redo the entire chart, you can just fix the chords or parts where there's a big shift.

See the Special Codes for Lyrics, and Chords article for more information on formatting chords and lyrics.

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