Archiving and Restoring Songs & Arrangements

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If you have Songs or Arrangements you've used in the past, but no longer plan to use, you can archive them. This also helps to hide one-time Christmas or Special Event songs. Archived Songs & Arrangements are hidden in the main Songs page list unless you filter for them. They will also not show up when you're adding a song to a plan.

Archive a Song

To Hide A Song, Click the Yellow Square Icon

To archive a song, hover your mouse over a song, then click the yellow square icon that shows up between the pencil and the delete icons.

Restoring Archived Songs

Filter for Archived Songs

To restore an archived song, you must first use the filters on the main Songs tab to view Archived Songs.

  1. Click, "Show Filters"
  2. Click the box next to "Show Archived Songs".
  3. Click, "Apply Filter"

Click the Restore Icon

Click the restore icon

Your archived songs will be listed, and when you hover over the song title and click the restore button on the right, they will no longer be archived.

Archive an Arrangement

After clicking the button, confirm you'd like to Archive it, and it will be hidden.

Restoring Archived Arrangements

Show Archived Button

Under the list of Arrangements on a Song page, click the button to "Show Archived".

  1. Click your Arrangement in the "Archived Arrangements" section.
  2. Click the button to "Restore Arrangement"

Where are they hidden or shown

Archived Songs & Arrangements are hidden from:

  • Scheduling Songs. When adding Songs to a plan, you will not see archived Songs or Arrangements.
  • Song Filters. When filtering Songs, archived Songs & Arrangements will not show as options.
  • The Song Page. The Song page will not list archived Songs or Arrangements, unless you specifically filter for them.
  • Song Pages. When looking at an individual Song, archived Arrangements will be hidden unless you click the button to show them.

Archived Songs & Arrangements are shown:

  • When viewing plans where that song or arrangement was already add to the Order of Service.
  • After specifically filtering to "Show Archived Songs" or "Show Archived Arrangements".

ProTip for Seasonal Songs

When you're about to temporarily archive a handful of songs you won't need for a while, such as Christmas songs, tag each of them first with a "Christmas" tag. Then in the fall, when you're beginning to plan your Christmas services, it's much easier to find & restore those songs by filtering the Songs tab by archived songs with the "Christmas" tag.

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