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There are several options of filtering on the Songs page.

Filtering Options on the Songs page:
  1. Filter by Service: This will give you a list of songs that have ever been scheduled for that service.
  2. Filter by Song Title: Type in one or more words of the song title and it will pull a list of all songs in your database with that word in it.
  3. Filter by Arrangement Title: Type in one or more words of the arrangement title and it will pull up those songs with arrangements with like words.
  4. Filter by BPM: If you want a list of all songs with a certain Beats Per Minute, just filter this way.
  5. Filter by Key Name: If you've given your keys a name you can search for that here.
  6. Filter by Starting/Ending Key
  7. Filter by Theme: Type in the theme and for any songs that you've tagged with that theme, it will pull up a list for you.
  8. Filter by Lyrics
  9. Filter by Hidden Songs: If you've hidden any songs (maybe they're Christmas or Easter), just check the box and click Apply Filter.

You can combine these filters. For instance, if I wanted to see any songs that are used in my Contemporary Service and that are in the key of E with the theme Forgiveness, I can use all 3 to get one list.

You can also filter by song tags.

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