Song and Arrangement Tags

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Song tags allow you to filter your songs to help you find songs that meet your own customized criteria, like songs that are a certain speed or that you only use in a specific ministry.

Types of Song Tags

The Songs page allows you assign to two different types of tags:

  • Songs Tags: These are tags that apply to the song in general, regardless of arrangement, such as a Christmas song.

  • Arrangement Tags: These are tags that can be different for each arrangement of a song, like speed. One arrangement can be tagged as Fast, and another arrangement of the same song could be tagged as Slow.

Create Song and Arrangement Tags

In the Songs page, click the gear icon and select Edit Tags.

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From the Song or Arrangements tab, you can create, edit, and organize Tags and Tag Groups.

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Assign Tags

To assign tags to a song or its arrangements, go the song details page, find the Tag section, and click Add.

  • Add Song tags from the top of the "Song (All Arrangements)" tab.

  • Add Arrangement tags at the bottom of a specific arrangement tab.

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To add a tag, type the name of a tag and select it, or select a tag group to see its tags.

To remove a tag, click on the x next to the tag name.

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If you don't see tags you're expecting to see, you might be trying to add a Song tag to an Arrangement. Remember, you'll only see tags that match the tab you're on.

Filter Using Tags

In the Songs Filter, click the Tags tab. Choose any combination of tags or tag groups to filter the song list.

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Bulk Edit Tags

You can add or remove tags from more than one song at a time using bulk editing.

On the main Songs page, click the pencil icon, and then select Bulk Edit Songs or Bulk Edit Arrangements.

bulk edit song or arrangement_arrow.png

If Songs is selected, each song title has a checkbox next to it. If Arrangements is selected, the songs are expanded, and each arrangement has a checkbox next to it.

Check the songs or arrangements that you want to include in the bulk edit, and then click the Bulk Edit button.

bulk edit_arrow.png

When you put your cursor into either the Add Tags or Remove Tags fields, the available tag groups are displayed. You can also start typing to see available tags.

modal_bulk edit songs.png

Select the tag groups and tags that you want to add or remove, and then click Update to update the songs or arrangements that you've selected.

Common Tag Examples

Here are some examples of how you can use tags:

  • Add a Seasons Tag Group with Tags for Christmas, Easter, and maybe Patriotic, and then select None to exclude seasonal songs from your filter the rest of the year.

  • Add a new Tag Group called Library (or Ministry), with tags for multiple song libraries to easily switch between them.

  • If different worship leaders have their own songs, add a Leader Tag Group to easily switch between leaders.

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