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Song tags allow you to filter your songs to help you find songs the meet your own customized criteria, like songs that are a certain speed or that you only use in a specific ministry.

Types of Tags

There are two types of tags for songs

The Songs page allows you to assign tags just like the People page does. However, on the Songs page there are two types of tags:

  1. Song Tags. These are tags that apply to the song in general, regardless of arrangement, like if it's a Christmas song.
  2. Arrangement Tags. These are tags that can be different for each arrangement of a song, like speed. One arrangement can be tagged as Fast, and another arrangement of the same song coule be tagged as Slow.

To edit those tags (delete, add new, edit current ones), click 'edit tags' at the bottom of their sections.

Add, Edit, or Delete Tags

On this page, you are able to add, edit, or delete any tags you need to.

  1. Edit Tags groups by hovering over the group and clicking the pencil.
  2. Edit individual Tag names by just clicking on them and typing. Delete a Tag by clicking the delete button.
  3. Add new Tags here. Type in the name and hit enter.
  4. Add new Tag Groups here. Click and then enter its details.

For more information on Managing Tags, see this lesson.

Assigning Tags

To assign tags to a song or its arrangements, find the Tag section and click Add. Add Song tags from the top of the "Song (All Arrangements)" tab. Add Arrangement tags at the bottom of a specific arrangement tab.

Tag Autocomplete

Type the name of a tag, or click a tag group to see its tags. If you don't see tags your are expecting to see, you're probably trying to add a Song tag to an Arrangement. Remember, you'll only see tags that match the type of tab you are on.

After selecting your tag, it's automatically saved. Click the x on the tag to remove it.

Filtering using Tags

On the left of the main Songs page, click any tag to filter your list to songs or arrangements with that tag.

You can filter your songs page by clicking on the tag

The main song list is filtered to songs that have the selected tag.

A list of those songs will be generated

We now have a list of all the songs in my account that have the tag "Instrumental"

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