Merging Multiple Teams into One Split Team

If you currently have a team that you've created multiple teams for each service time, you can merge those teams into one Split Team, which will be easier to manage. Merging teams takes all people assigned to the old teams and assigns them to specific times in the new team. It also takes needed positions and people scheduled in the old teams, moves them to the new team with the same settings, and deletes the old team.

Converting to Split Teams

To convert teams, you have to be in the Teams Settings. Click the gear next to Teams in any plan.

Create a New Team with Split Teams Enabled

Create a new team with no times as part of the team name and enable the Split Team then click merge existing teams.

Edit Position and Create Times
  1. Choose the existing teams you're merging (only other non-split teams are available).
  2. Choose the time preference that team should be assigned to on your new team.
  3. If you haven't created Time Preferences yet, click edit time options to create them first, so you can assign the team to the correct time.
  4. Add as many of your existing teams to merge into your new team.
  5. You can remove the last option in the list in case you hit add another team too many times.

Click Accept once you're finished and wait for the merge to complete.

Accept and Wait
  1. All people assigned to positions in your old teams will be assigned to the same positions in your new team with the time you specified.
  2. All people scheduled to your old teams will be scheduled to the new team, even in templates and past plans. All settings about their schedule, including Replies To Person, assigned times, status, and notification settings will stay as they were. In addition, if you had previously sent scheduling emails for the old team, those people will still be able to respond using the links in the original scheduling email.
  3. All needed positions in plans or templates will be recreated in the new team and assigned to the time options you selected in the Merge Team Settings.
  4. Your old teams will be deleted and only your new team will remain. Teams can be recovered for up to seven days, so if you chose options incorrectly, you can undo the merge by restoring those deleted teams.

Now that your teams are merged, you're ready to schedule! Check out How to Schedule Your People.

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