Exporting a Template from an Existing Plan

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You can create Templates that can then be used to quickly create new plans containing the same information, or to apply to existing plans. This lesson shows you how to export a plan you've already created to a template.

Click Export

Click Export

Click export at the top right of any plan you want to save as a template

Choose what to copy

Choose what to copy
  1. Choose what service type to create this template in
  2. Export this plan as a template or as a new plan
  3. Choose how many new plans or templates to create
  4. Copy Plan Items (and all their notes), General Plan Notes, or Plan People from your plan by checking the boxes.

Note: Needed Positions will only copy if the Team and Positions already exist in the location that you're going to copy them to.

Once you've chosen, click Accept which will take you to your new template or plan.

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