Split Teams

If your service happens at multiple times, and you use different people from a team at each time, you can set up Split Teams to easily see which people are scheduled for each time.

The Benefits of Split Teams

Split Teams allows you to have one team with people who can serve at different times. There are four main benefits to Split Teams:

1. Helps Team Members Communicate Preferences
profile time preferences

From the Scheduling Tab on their profile page, anyone can specify which times they prefer next to their other scheduling preferences.

Make sure you've set up the Time Preferences for your Teams before you ask your team members to set their preferences!

2. Allows Leaders to Manage the Whole Team Easily
Manage the whole team easily

From the Positions Settings, you can easily see a list of all the people on your Team. You can even filter it to see just the people assigned to specific times.

3. Helps Leaders Find Backups Quickly
backup people

If all team members for one time are unavailable, it's easy to to choose someone who normally prefers a different time. Click plus # people with conflicts to ask someone who prefers to serve at another time to fill in.

4. Simplifies the Teams View for All Users
Expand Times within Teams

 Spit Teams take up less space on the plan page and in our mobile apps. In the Teams section on any plan page, you can also collapse the entire team to one row. In our mobile apps, you'll only see the team once, and tapping it will then show you the times within it.

Enable Split Teams

1. Edit Your Team

Click the gear next to Teams. If you are using the People Sidebar, you'll find that in the middle of the page. If not, you'll see it in the left sidebar.

manage teams

Hover over the team and click the pencil to edit.

Click the pencil to edit a team

Enable Split Teams from the SetUp tab then click Accept and close the Team Settings.

2. Enable Split Teams

Once you have enabled Split Teams, you'll see the team split into columns based on their time.

People can be assigned to two times, and they will only receive one email listing both times. They will have to option to accept or decline both or independently.

3. Viewing Split Teams

Set Up Needed Positions

When editing needed positions, Split Teams need to be expanded to see the Service Times that exist in the current plan. Click the time to set the needed positions for that time.

4. Needed Positions

Click 1 person needed to schedule a person.

Filling Needed Positions
See time preference conflicts

Check the box next to the person and click Accept to schedule them for that position.

Set up Time Preference Options to be able to specify which times each team member prefers.

Check Assigned Times

When you schedule people for a Split Team, you'll see an additional dropdown box next to the team name where you can choose the time. This box is linked to the Service Times checkboxes on the right. If you change things in one place, the other place will reflect that change.

6. Removing People

When you remove a person from a time within a Split Team, it unassigns them from that time. If that was the only time they were assigned to, they are completely removed from the plan. If they were assigned to multiple times in that team, they are only removed from the time you removed them from.

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