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Split Teams allow you to have one team with people who can serve at different times. You can create a new split team, enable a split team after creating it, or merge two or more existing teams into a split team.

Check out this video for more information about split teams.


If the teams for each time have different leaders, create two separate teams instead of creating a Split Team.

Split Teams Benefits

Split Teams make it easy to manage teams that serve at multiple times.

Help Team Members Communicate Preferences

From the Scheduling Tab on their profile, anyone can specify which times they prefer next to their other scheduling preferences.


Identify Member Assignments

From the Members tab, you can filter the times signed to your team to see just the people assigned to specific times.


Find Backups Quickly

If all team members for one time are unavailable, it's easy to to choose someone who normally prefers a different time.

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Create and Schedule a Split Team

1. Enable a Split Team

To split a team after it's been created, check the Split Team box in the Team Settings.

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2. Set Time Preferences

Keep the following in mind when setting Time Preferences:

  • Time Preferences are shared for each Service Type. These times should match your actual services and not include report times or rehearsals since all the teams in this service type share this setting.

  • Make sure that these times are added to the plans that you want to schedule this team to.


If you occasionally have an extra service time, for example on Easter, do not create a new time preference option. You will still be able to schedule team members to that special time in that one plan without creating the time here as one of your regular times.

Click Times in the Team Settings Split Team section.

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If times aren't already assigned for the team, you can import service times from your most recent plan or add new times.

If Time Preferences already exist, you can add, edit, or delete those times. Hover over the times to see the edit and delete icons.

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If you don't set time options from the Settings page, you can set the times from a Position tab on a team Page.

3. Schedule or Assign People

Now that your split team is set up, schedule people to the plan.

If you've changed an existing team to a Split Team, team members might be scheduled to more than one time in a plan. If so, you might need to assign them to only one time.

To reassign a previously scheduled person, select the name of a person who is assigned to multiple times.


In the Time dropdown, select the time that you want to assign to the person. The times on the right side will adjust to reflect the selection you made.

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If you remove a person from the only time they were assigned to on a Split Team, they are completely removed from the plan.

Merge Teams

If you currently have more than one team for each service time, you can merge those teams into one Split Team. For example, if you have a 9am Greeters team and a 11am Greeters team, you can merge them into a Split Team with two times.

1. Set Time Preferences

Before merging teams, make sure that times are set up for the team that you are merging the old teams into.


If times haven't been created for the teams, the Merge button will be grayed out, and you'll see a message if you hover over it.

If necessary, click Times to set time preferences.

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2. Merge Teams

In the Split Team box, click Merge.

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  1. Use the dropdown to select teams to merge into your new team.

  2. The teams will populate below, and you can choose a time from the dropdown. All people in that team will then be assigned to the selected time.

Once you've made those changes, click Submit to merge those teams together to create the new team.

What happens after you merge teams?

  • All people assigned to positions in your old teams will be assigned to the same positions in your new team with the time you specified.

  • All people scheduled to your old teams will be scheduled to the new team, even in templates and past plans. All settings about their schedule, including Replies To Person, assigned times, status, and notification settings will stay as they were. In addition, if you had previously sent scheduling emails for the old team, those people will still be able to respond using the links in the original scheduling email.

  • All needed positions in plans or templates will be recreated in the new team and assigned to the time options you created.

  • Your old teams will be deleted, and only your new team will remain. Teams can be recovered for up to seven days, so if you chose options incorrectly, you can undo the merge by restoring those deleted teams.

Assign Time Preferences

Your team members can set their own time preferences, and team leaders can also set them for team members.

Request Team Members Set Preferences

You can ask team members to set their scheduling preferences or double check them to make sure they are correct.

To email all team members, select All Team Members on the left, and then click the envelope icon.


Send an email that encourages your team members to set their scheduling preferences. You can include links to articles on how they can set scheduling preferences from their profile in the web app , iOS app, or Android App.

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Set Preferences for Members

If a team leader knows the scheduling preferences of their team leaders, they can set the preferences for them.

In the Members tab, select a position, and then click in a team member's Times column to select a time preference.


Then, in the Preferences column to the right, choose how often the person would like to be scheduled.

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If you want to select more than one week a month (like the 1st and 3rd week) use the Choose Weeks option.

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