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Before using a song in a plan, an editor or administrator needs to add the song to your song library. You can search for a song in the CCLI database or add your own song.


If you get chord charts or audio from RehearsalPack, PraiseCharts, RehearsalMix, or SongSelect, you should set up those integrations first. Then, you can add these songs to your plans, and the related files will show there, too.

From the Songs page, select Add a song.

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Choose Popular Recordings or All Songs to search for a song by title, artist, or CCLI #, or create a new song.

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  1. Popular Recordings allows you to search the MultiTracks database for popular song recordings. Select the album art for a song to determine if it is the version you want.


    When you choose a song from the Popular Recordings list, the information is filled out for the chosen arrangement.

  2. All Songs allows you to search for all songs in the CCLI SongSelect database.

  3. To create your own song, type in the song's name and select Create a new song.

Complete the details, such as song tags, arrangement details, like keys, and file options, including RehearsalPack, SongSelect, PraiseCharts, or RehearsalMix.

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In some cases, Planning Center might not know how to link the song you chose to that same version in the song integration. In that case, you’ll have an additional search to select the correct song or arrangement to import the files.

Once you've entered all the information, select Submit to go to the created arrangement.

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