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There are many apps that integrate with Planning Center Services Services. Some integrations are built by Planning Center, some by an integration partner, and some by third parties.

See the Integrations page to see all of the available Planning Center integrations.

Internal Integrations

The following sections describe internal integrations between Planning Center apps.


Though Planning Center Services itself doesn't handle checking volunteers in or taking attendance, Planning Center has another app that does.

Planning Center Check-Ins is primarily made to check kids into classrooms, but it can be used for any type of check-in and even general attendance!

Volunteer Check-In

If you want to know which of your team members actually show up for your Services, you can use Planning Center Check-Ins to check them in. Check-Ins can even post back to Planning Center Services so that you can see who has checked in right from your plan! Check out this article on Integrating Check-Ins with Services.

Planning Center Check-Ins is a separate app that adds on to your total Planing Center monthly bill, and each volunteer that checks in does count toward your number of daily check-ins. You'll need to factor that in when choosing a package level.

General Attendance (Headcounts)

If you are looking to just track general attendance numbers and not specific people, Planning Center Check-Ins does that too with a feature called Headcounts.

Since Headcounts aren't individual check-ins, they don't affect your pricing level. In fact, if you aren't already using Planning Center Check-Ins and you just want to use Headcounts, you can sign up for the completely free package and use Headcounts for as many people as you want.

Check out this lesson on Headcounts for more information.

Signing Up for Planning Center Check-Ins

If you do want to check your volunteers in or track general attendance using Headcounts, one of your Organization Administrators will need to sign up or give you access to Check-Ins.

You can get started by going to


Our People app contains contact data, membership info, and everything you need to know about your people. All of the team members you have in Services are already in the People app. This means you can build Lists, Automation, and Workflows using your Services data.

A great example is to have a Workflow for potential new Worship Team members. After completing the workflow, they can be automatically added to a List, which can automatically add tags to your volunteers. The possibilities are nearly endless!

External Integrations

Services has integrations with other applications. These integrations must be enabled from the Services account. Odds are, if you're having a problem with one of these, we're able to help you out. Just let us know!

See article for the application that you want to integrate with Planning Center:

Other Common Integrations

The apps below are are created by other third-party companies and the integrations were built on their end. We've included some tips and tricks below, but if you run into problems with any of these, you'll likely need to reach out to that company directly.


ProPresenter provides a way to import and use Planning Center playlists and media from within ProPresenter. It's pretty neat, and it's come a long way since they introduced it. It's their integration, so problems will need to be sent to Renewed Vision.

Within ProPresenter's settings, there's an option to Automatically Upload Documents and Media from ProPresenter to Services. If you enable this option, anything added to ProPresenter will be uploaded to Services, and your storage will quickly increase. Make sure you have located that option within ProPresenter before integrating it with Services.

Below is a video that goes into more detail about the Planning Center integration. Skip to the 5 minute mark to learn how to enable/disable the option for using your Planning Center storage.


MediaShout has created their own integration with Planning Center. If you use this integration, you'll need to contact MediaShout support directly for most issues.

Below is a video they created the touches on their integration at the 1:00 mark.


Proclaim is a presentation software that built an integration to Planning Center Services. Most support questions will need to be sent to the Proclaim Support Team.

Check out their great lessons on How to Link Your Planning Center Account and how to Import Your Planning Center Plan into Proclaim.


WorshipStorm provides an easy integration with Planning Center Services so that you can project songs, media, and presentations during your service.

Check out the WorshipStorm online documentation for more information on how to set up the integration.

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