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There are many other apps to which Planning Center Services Services Integrates. Some integrations are built by Planning Center, some by the Integration Partner, and some by 3rd parties. This lesson covers the basics for both Internal and Supported Third-Party integrations. We'll briefly cover some other intergrations that access Planning Center, but are initiated by a third-party site.

Internal Integrations (How our apps talk to each other)


Though Planning Center Services itself doesn't handle checking volunteers in or taking attendance, Planning Center has another app that does. Planning Center Check-Ins is primarily made to check kids into classrooms, but it can be used for any type of check-in and even general attendance!

Volunteer Check-In

If you want to know which of your team members actually show up for your Services, you can use Planning Center Check-Ins to check them in, and it even posts back to Planning Center Services so you can see who has checked in right from your plan! Check out this article on Integrating Check-Ins with Services.

Planning Center Check-Ins is a separate app that adds on to your total Planing Center monthly bill, and each volunteer that checks in does count toward your number of daily check-ins. You'll need to factor that in when choosing a package level.

General Attendance (Headcounts)

If you are looking to just track general attendance numbers and not specific people, Planning Center Check-Ins does that too with a feature called Headcounts. Plus, since Headcounts aren't individual check-ins, they don't affect your pricing level. In fact, if you aren't already using Planning Center Check-Ins but you just want to use Headcounts, you can sign up for the completely free package and use Headcounts for as many people as you want.

Check out this lesson on Headcounts for more information.

Signing Up for Planning Center Check-Ins

If you do want to check your volunteers in or track general attendance using Headcounts, one of your Organization Administrators will need to sign up or give you access to Check-Ins. You can get started by going to


Our People app contains contact data, membership info, and everything you need to know about your people. All of the team members you have in Services are already in the People app. This means you can build Lists, Automation, and Workflows using your Services data.

A great example is to have a Workflow for potential new Worship Team members. After completing the workflow, they can be automatically added to a List, which can automatically add tags to your volunteers. The possibilities are nearly endless!

External Integrations (How our apps talk to other programs)

Services has integrations with other applications. These integrations must be enabled from the Services account. Odds are, if you're having a problem with one of these, we're able to help you out. Just let us know!

SongSelect by CCLI

Enable the Integration

Before you can use SongSelect, you need to link your Planning Center account with your SongSelect account. Only Organization Administrators can enable SongSelect, but once it's enabled, any Editor can add lyrics or chord charts to arrangements.

To access Services settings, go to the main plans tab and click "Services Settings" under Helpful Links on the left. (If you're at the root level of your account, you can also hover over your church name and click the gear.)

Access Services Site Settings

If you do not see the button, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings, which affects all users of Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

Click "Enable Integration" in the SongSelect section.


Enter your SongSelect Username and Password and click Continue.

If you don't know your SongSelect login information, you will need to contact CCLI or visit


Click the "Allow" button to link the accounts, and you'll be taken back to Planning Center where you'll see a confirmation message that the integration was successful.

Adding SongSelect Charts to Songs

Once you've enabled the integration by following the steps above, you can import SongSelect charts in two ways. The first and easiest way is just by checking the option to import from SongSelect when you add new Songs, Arrangements, or Keys.

The second way is to add SongSelect files to existing songs. From the main Songs tab, click the name of a specific arrangement.

Click on the Songs tab

Click the + button in the Files section to Add a File.

Add files

Select the SongSelect tab

  1. If there are no lyrics in the Lyrics & Chords editor, you can check a box to import lyrics as plain text.
  2. Choose a key to import a specific chord chart. SongSelect only enables regular Chord Charts to be imported through this integration. If your SongSelect subscription includes other types of files, like Lead Sheets, you'll have to download those directly from SongSelect's website and then drag those files onto an arrangement page to upload them.
  3. Click Submit to being importing your files.

Need a Capo version for a key? Get those by setting up Alternate Keys.


Enable the Integration

This integration can only be set up by people with permissions of Editor or above.

PraiseCharts integration is per user, meaning each user who wants to import from PraiseCharts needs to enable the integration for themselves. Once files are imported, they are like any other file and available to other users.

From the main Songs tab, click enable integration under the PraiseCharts logo.

Enable Integration

Enter your email and password and click Authorize.  If you don't know these, you will need to visit

Log in

Click OK to be taken back to Planning Center where your accounts will now be linked.

Click OK

You should see your name in the list.

Accounts Are Linked

To unlink your accounts, click the disable button.

Adding PraiseCharts files to Arrangements

From the main Songs tab, click the name of an arrangement.

Go to a song arrangement page

Click the + button in the Files section to Add a File.

Click on the 'Add an attachment' button to the left

Select the PraiseCharts tab

  1. Search PraiseCharts for a specific song or arrangement.
  2. Any files you've purchased will be at the top.
  3. If there are other versions of this song, they'll be listed here, with a link to go to PraiseCharts to purchase them.
Choose Files to Import

Everything you have purchased for this PraiseCharts song will be selectable to import. Check the boxes for each file you want to import and then click the import button.

  • Chord Chart +  Lyrics & Chords: If you buy the Chord Chart + file from PraiseCharts, you can check this box to import that TEXT into Planning Center's Lyrics & Chords box. Planning Center will then allow you to edit the text and can even transpose the file for any key you add. If you would rather have an non-editable PDF of the Chord Chart + File in a specific key, you can choose that check box under the specific key you want.
  • Arrangement Files / Key Files: Many files listed in the Arrangement Files section include multiple keys. For example, many MP3 files come with Regular, High and Low versions. During the Import process, Planning Center will import all available keys as separate files attached to the arrangement. Some older PraiseCharts PDF files will still import as ONE PDF that include MANY keys in the one file. Contact PraiseCharts for help with this.
  • Orchestration (All Parts) / Orchestration Key: Orchestration (All Parts) under the Arrangement Files section is ONE PDF with all Instrument parts included. Instead, you can often choose "Orchestration" under a specific key that is available and it will just get the Orchestration in that key and split all the instruments into their own files!
Choose Options

After you've chosen your files, click the import button.

Import Progress

After agreeing to the terms, a progress bar will appear at the top of the arrangement page as Planning Center imports the files from PraiseCharts. Files that include other files in multiple keys take a little longer since the individual files have to be separated out.

Files Are Imported
  1. If you chose "Chord Chart + Lyrics & Chords" you'll see lyrics and chord charts for any keys you've added to the arrangement. Click "Lyrics & Chords" to edit them.
  2. Any other files will show up as Arrangement Files or Key files

When you add a new key or arrangement, you can import any files purchased for the song to that key or arrangement.


Enable the Integration

Before you can use RehearsalMix, you need to link your Planning Center account with your RehearsalMix account. Only Organization Administrators can enable RehearsalMix, but once it's enabled, any Editor can add mixes to arrangements.

To access Services settings, go to the main plans tab and click "Services Settings" under Helpful Links on the left. (If you're at the root level of your account, you can also hover over your church name and click the gear.)

Access Services Site Settings

If you do not see the button, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings, which affects all users of Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

Login (if you aren't already) to your account

Click Connect in the Connected Accounts section.

Your accounts are linked. Back on the Site Settings page, you'll see the green ENABLED indicator .


If you run into any problems with your MultiTracks account, they have helpful lessons here to help you out.

Adding RehearsalMixes to your Arrangements

From the main Songs tab, click the name of a specific arrangement.

Click on the Songs tab

Click the + button in the Files section to Add a File.

Add files
  1. Select the RehearsalMix tab
  2. Search RehearsalMix for the Song Arrangement you're looking for. You can modify this search.
  3. Click album art to hear a preview.
  4. Click the + to select that arrangement.

Once you click the plus button, wonderful things begin to happen! If you hadn't named your arrangment, we'll rename it to match the arrangment/artist from RehearsalMix. In addition, we'll automatically populate the length, BPM, meter, and sequence (for most songs). To finish off this amazing integration, the album artwork is attached as well.

You'll see a horizontal line in the Arrangment and each Key box. Everything under that line is a RehearsalMix audio track.

Missing Files?

When on the Arrangement Page, are there RehearsalMix files that appear to be missing? There are two possible causes for this in most situations.

  1. RehearsalMix doesn't have those files for the key(s) you have chosen, or
  2. There was an error when the files were linked.

To find out which of these applies, go directly to the RehearsalMix page for the song and arrangment you need. On the RehearsalMix tab, you'll see all of the keys available here:


If you were hoping to do this song in F#, you won't have any RehearsalMix tracks. You'll need to pick one of the available keys on your Arrangment Page in Services if you want a RehearsalMix for that song.

If the key you have selected is available on RehearsalMix, then this indicates there was an error when the song was linked. To fix this, you'll want to unlink and then re-link the mix. Scroll up to the previous section called Unlinking and RE-linking a Mix for instructions on this process.

Sending Instructions to your Team

From within any of your plans, click the gear next to the Scheduled People sidebar.

Then click the email icon for any team.

Edit your Teams & Positions

Add your text and send the email to your team.

Click the email button next to any Team of people

Here is some great sample text for you to copy and paste:

We're starting to add new audio files to some songs called Rehearsal Mixes. You may start to see specific mixes, like Drums Mix, Bass Mix, Electric Guitar 1 Mix, or Alto Mix
. Rehearsal Mixes have your part turned up louder than the overall mix. Sometimes there might even be more than one mix so you can pick between parts. Be sure to use these whenever you want.
Add text to your email and send

WorshipHouse Media

You can link your Planning Center Services account to your WorshipHouse Media account to import images and videos purchased from WorshipHouse Media directly to your Planning Center Services account.

Set up Integration

This integration can only be set up by people with permissions of Editor or above.

From the Media Tab, enable the integration by clicking the button.

From the Media tab, click the enable integration button

Different users can integrate with their own WorshipHouse Media accounts.

Log in to your WorshipHouse Media account by entering your username and password.

If you don't have an account, you can create one.

Login to your WHM account (if you aren't already)

Once you've logged in, you'll be asked to authorize the application. If you'd like Planning Center Services to access your WorshipHouse Media files, click Authorize Application.

Authorize the Integration
Import Media

You can import all files from WorshipHouse Media to Services.

Click import media to choose which previously purchased items you'd like to add to your account.

Choosing Import From Worship House Media will bring over everything in your WorshipHouse Media account that you haven't marked as don't import or that you haven't already imported previously. If you choose that option and import multiple files, you'll have to manually delete them.

WorshipHouse Media files take up space once you add the actual file as an attachment to a media item. If you delete the attached file, the Preview that remains does not count against your file space.

Disable Integration

If you no longer wish to use your WorshipHouse Media account, you can disable it by clicking disable. Any media you added with that integration enabled will stay in the account until you delete it.

Accounts are linked

Once you set up your WorshipHouse Media integration, you can link those files to Plan Items!

Other Common Integrations

The apps below are are created by other third-party companies and the integrations were built on their end. We've included some tips and tricks below, but if you run into problems with any of these, you'll likely need to reach out to that company directly.


ProPresenter provides a way to import and use Planning Center playlists and media from within ProPresenter. It's pretty neat and it's come a long way since they introduced it. It's their integration, so problems will need to be sent to Renewed Vision. Below is a video tutorial on how to use this integration for your viewing pleasure. It's 8 minutes long but there's some super good stuff in there if you want to understand what it's supposed to do.

Within ProPresenter's settings, there's an option to Automatically Upload Documents and Media from ProPresenter to Services. If you enable this option, anything added to ProPresenter will be uploaded to Services, and your storage will quickly increase. We've seen users who enabled this, not knowing that their storage would fill quickly and suddenly they started receiving a higher bill due to these extra files. Make sure you have located that option within ProPresenter before integrating it with Services. Below is a video that goes into more detail. Skip to the 5 minute mark to learn how to enable/disable the option for using your Planning Center storage.


MediaShout created their own integration with Planning Center, so for most issues, you'll need to contact MediaShout support directly. Below is a video they created the touches on their integration at the 1:00 mark.


Proclaim is a presentation software that built an integration to Planning Center Services. This integration was built by them, so most support questions will need to be sent to the Proclaim Support Team. However, they do have some great lessons on How to Link Your Planning Center Account and how to import your Planning Center plan into Proclaim.

Error Messages

There are a few different errors that can happen when using the CCLI SongSelect integration. Here's some examples and how to resolve them.

Token Failed or Token Revoked

These errors typically happen when your login information for SongSelect has changed, and they can be fixed by having your Organization Administrator log into the account, disable the integration and the reenable it. See the "Enable the Integration" section above.

Copy Limit Exceeded or Permission Denied

If you're receiving these kinds of errors, there's probably an error with your SongSelect account.

Copy Limit:

SongSelect subscriptions only allow a certain number of chord charts to be downloaded or printed every year, and this is called your copy limit. Every time you add a chord chart from SongSelect to your Planning Center account, that is counted as one copy from your copy limit.

If you've exceeded your copy limit SongSelect's support team can give you the next steps that you would need to get your integration up and running again.

Permission Denied:

This error is used for a few things, so it's hard for us to be sure of what may be the problem, but SongSelect will be able to tell you why this has happened. Sometimes it's an issue with your login, and step one can help you fix this. Sometimes it's an issue with your SongSelect subscription level changing, and you no longer have access to the same types of files that you could access before. And sometimes it's an issue with your copy limit as mentioned above.

SongSelect isn't responding

This error means that SongSelect's website is not responding. This could be for a number of reasons, including too much traffic, or a problem with their web servers, but whatever the case, the issue can only be fixed by the SongSelect team. Often, if you just wait an hour, it will resolve itself, but you can also reach out to SongSelect's support team to let them know that their integration with Planning Center is not responding.

None of the above errors are what I'm seeing

If this is the case, please contact our support team and let them know the type of error that you're receiving, and they'll be happy to look into it with you.

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