Understanding Conflicts and Scheduled Times

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When you schedule a person, you'll see conflict warnings if that person has blocked out that date or is already scheduled for something else at the same time. Conflicts are based on the times assigned to the person, which don't always correspond to the Service Times. If you are expecting to see conflicts that aren't showing up, check the assigned times as well as the start and end time.

View a Person's Assigned Times

Click on the name of a person in any plan.

Inside a plan, click on a scheduled person's name.

Any times the person is assigned to will show up on the right side. If you'd like to assign or unassign them to any of those times, click the check box.

Verify Start and End Times

Click a time in any plan.

Check the start and end times by clicking on the date/time in the upper left corner.

All checked Teams are assigned to this time, so the start and end time are very important.

If someone assigned to one of the assigned teams is scheduled during this time frame, the scheduler will receive a conflict notification.

Check times, Select Teams for this time.

Usually, if a conflict seems to be missing, it's because the end time hasn't been set correctly or the team isn't assigned to the time.

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