Limited File Visibility

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You can limit visibility to files used in a Service Type to only the team members that need to see them.

If Limited File Visibility is enabled in a Service Type:

  • You can assign File tags to files that you want to limit visibility to.

  • People scheduled to plans in the Service Type can only see files assigned to their Position or untagged files.

Viewers and higher permissions can still see all files in the plan, but the ones assigned to them by File tags will be bolded and automatically selected in Music Stand, the media player, and the PDF download options. If someone is not assigned to a file, it will appear grayed out, though it will still be accessible.

Limit File Visibility in a Service Type

Limited File Visibility is enabled through the Service Type. If File tags are not enabled, everyone scheduled to plans in the Service Type will have access to all files.

Go to the Service Type Settings to enable Limited File Visibility using File tags.

In the Limited File Visibility section, choose Enabled in the dropdown and click Configure.

limited file visibility_box.png

You can use the Configure setup wizard to edit File tags, add tags to positions, or add tags to files.

modal_limited file visibility.png

Assign a File Tag to a Position

After tags have been assigned to files, edit any positions on teams that you want to view the tagged files.

In a position, click the File Visibility field, search for the tag, and select it from the list.

file visibility tag.gif

The file and position are linked by using the same tag. In the example above, anyone scheduled to the Violin position in your plans will be assigned to files with this tag, but no one else will.

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