Setting Up Reminder Emails

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You can set up reminder emails to send automatically up to seven days before a time people are scheduled to. You can also disable reminder emails, if necessary.

Some things to keep in mind about reminder emails:

  • Reminders are sent from the Replies To person designated in the Team Settings. If the Replies To Person is set to "All Team Leaders", the email will be from the first Team Leader in the list.

  • Reminders are sent to confirmed and unconfirmed people; they are not sent to declined people.

  • Reminder emails are sent out at 10am local time on the day they are scheduled, even if other emails have not been sent.

  • Reminder emails cannot be edited.

  • If a reminder is sent before a prepared notification is sent, then the prepared notification will disappear. Once sent, the volunteer can access the plan from My Schedule and respond.

Edit Reminders for Specific Teams

When you set up a time for a plan, you can also set reminders for teams assigned to that time.

To edit reminders for existing times, click the time in a plan.


Update your reminders.

modal_edit time_numbered.png
  1. Use the dropdown next to each team to set or disable reminders for that team.

  2. If you want to update these changes in future plans, check the Update this time in future plans box.

Click Save to save your changes.


Any reminders scheduled to be sent on the same day will be condensed into one reminder notification so that people assigned to more than one team won't receive a separate notification for each team.

Disable Reminders

To disable reminders for specific teams, edit the time and change the reminder settings for the team to No Reminder.

To disable all reminder emails for a service, click the Times dropdown and select Disable Reminders.

disable reminders_arrow.png

You'll have the option to update only this plan or all future plans.

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