Setting Up Reminder Emails

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You can send automated reminded emails up to 7 days before any time you have people scheduled for.

Click on the date of your plan.

Click on the date or your plan.

Click on a date/time within your plan.

Click on a date/time.

Each time that you have entered has its own reminder settings.

Set reminders for each Team.

Set reminders for each Team.

Each Team has its own reminder. I've chosen to only send reminders to the 9AM Welcome, Audio/Visual, Band, and Vocals Teams. Just click the drop-down box (that the red arrow is pointing to\P    to change the day that the reminders are sent (in relation to this time).  Click accept when you are done.

Reminders will be sent from the team's "Reply To" person. To change or update this, see our lesson on  Changing the Replies To person for a Team.

Any reminders that are being sent on the same day will be condensed into one reminder notification. That way, if you have an individual assigned to more than one team, they won't recieve a separate notification for each team they are on.

NOTE: Reminders will be sent to all unconfirmed or confirmed people scheduled in that plan. Even if the notification email has not been sent out, the reminder will still be sent. Reminder emails can't be edited.


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