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The Services Settings page holds the default settings for all Service Types as well as integrations, attachment types.

To access Services Settings, an Organization Administrator can click the gear in the upper right corner of a Service Type page, and then click Services Settings.

Access Services Site Settings

If you do not see the settings icon next to your church, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings Page, which affects all users of Planning Center Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.

General Settings

Use the dropdown menus to update settings for the calendar and user permissions.

General Settings
  1. Set the default permission for new Services users. User permissions higher than Viewer need to be set by an Administrator from a person’s profile.
  2. Allow Administrators to delete any songs, media, and people. When this is set to False, only Organization Administrators can delete all songs, media, and people and Administrators can delete these items only if they created them.
    Warning: Deleted songs, media, and people cannot be recovered, so be careful with this setting!
  3. Set the minimum user permission that can remove the My Teams filter from the People page to get a list of everyone. People with lesser permissions can can only see people on their own teams from the People page.
    Note: This does not affect searches for people to schedule or assign to teams.

File Settings

Use the dropdown menus to update File permissions and formatting for Lyrics and Chords PDFs.

File, Lyrics & Chords Settings


  1. Allow an audio file to be downloaded by default. If this is set to False, audio files can be streamed but only downloaded by the permissions set in the next field.
  2. Set the user permission for people who can download files, even if they are set to Stream Only. People with the permission set here can change the setting on individual songs to allow them to be downloaded, even if the default is only streaming.
  3. Allow people to access Plan, Song, or Media files by default.
    Warning: Make sure you understand Copyrights before designating the Songs setting.
  4. Set how your lyrics and chord PDFs print by choosing your defaults. You can also override these defaults in the format setting on the Chord Editor.


Services connects with some other companies to make accessing songs and their files easier. These integrations can be enabled from the main Songs page.

The following articles have more information on enabling and managing these integrations.

You can also enable and manage CCLI reporting from the main Songs page.

Attachment Types

Some team members don't need to access all the files for a song. Attachment Types are used to hide files for specific users, which is especially useful when you have lots of files for each song and don't want your users to have to search for the one file they need.

Learn how to use Attachment Types before you add new Attachment Types or enable Service Types to have them.

Attachment Types

Organization Settings

Each edit button takes you out of Services to the corresponding Accounts page for you to easily manage those settings. You can edit church information, update your Planning Center subscriptions or edit the list of Organization Administrators


Services Usage

This section shows you how many Plans, Service Types, and Active People you have in your Services account, along with how much file storage you've used and have left.

Services Usage
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