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The Services Settings page holds all of the default settings as well as integrations and attachment types. Only Organization Administrators have access to Services Settings. It's also where you can recover recently deleted Service Types.

To access Services Settings, go to the main plans tab and click "Services Settings" under Helpful Links on the left. (If you're at the root level of your account, you can also hover over your church name and click the gear.)

Access Services Site Settings

If you do not see the settings icon next to your church, you are not an Organization Administrator. Only Organization Administrators have access to the Services Settings Page, which affects all users of Planning Center Services. You can be a regular Administrator and not an Organization Administrator.


General Settings

General Settings

  • Choose which day starts your calendar.
  • The Default User Permission is Scheduled Viewer, but you can change it so that when you add users, their permission is higher than Scheduled Viewer.
  • Viewers can view the People tab; however, you can change this setting to True if you'd rather them not be able to view profiles.
  • Schedulers can edit information on a person's profile, but you can block them from making changes by changing this setting to True.
  • Only Organization Administrators can delete all songs, media, and people; Administrators can delete songs, media, and people only if they created them. If this setting is set to False, Administrators cannot delete information they didn't create. Change it to True if you want to allow Administrators to delete anything.
    Deleted songs, media, and people cannot be recovered, so be careful with this setting!
  • If you want people with the Viewer permission to be able to edit their Households, change this setting to True.
File, Lyrics & Chords Settings

File Settings

  • When someone downloads an audio file, those downloads are counted against your allotted amount. This setting decides if the Audio Access will be set to "Allow Download" or "Stream Only" when an audio file is uploaded.
  • You can choose who can download files even if they are set to "Stream Only" and who can actually change a file to make it downloadable. If Audio Access is "Stream Only" for any file, only people with this permission or higher will be able to change or download the file.
    You can also change this setting for each individual audio file you download.
  • When someone is scheduled to a Plan, you can choose to allow them to access the files attached to that Plan.
    This setting can be overridden by the Team Settings or by the individual Permissions.
  • The users who have access to the Songs tab can download or stream files that are attached to a song arrangement or key; make sure you understand Copyrights before designating this Setting.
  • Users with access to the Media tab can download or stream files that are attached to a Media item.

Lyrics & Chords Settings

You can set how your lyric and chord PDFs print by setting choosing your Defaults. You can also override these Defaults in the format setting on the Chord Editor.


  1. Enter your church's CCLI account number and enable CCLI reporting.
  2. If you have a SongSelect account, which provides chord sheets, lead sheets, vocal sheets, lyrics, and samples of top worship songs, you can enable the SongSelect Integration to link any of those files to the Songs in your account.
  3. If you have a RehearsalMix account, which offers custom listening mixes, you can enable the RehearsalMix Integration to access any files you purchased.

Attachment Types

Some team members don't need to access all the files for a song. Attachment Types is used to hide files for specific users, which is especially useful when you have lots of files for each song and don't want your users to have to search for the one file they need. Learn how to use Attachment Types before you add new Attachment Types or enable Service Types to have them.

Organization Settings


Each edit button takes you to a different Accounts page in order for you to easily manage those settings.

Services Usage

This section shows you how much you are using in your Services account in relation to how much is in included in your pricing package.

Services Usage

View our extensive lesson on Files & Storage to learn how to manage your attachments.

Deleted Service Types

When you delete a Service Type, any Organization Administrator can restore it for up to seven days. After seven days, it is deleted permanently and can never be recovered.

In the Deleted Service Types section, click undelete.

Deleted Service Type List

If your Service Type is not here, it has either been over seven days, making it gone forever, or you haven't actually deleted it. Check to see if you accidentally moved it to another folder from the main Plans tab.

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