Planning a Special Service

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You can create a one-time special service for events like Christmas or Easter. Services, Check-Ins and Calendar all allow you to create new special events or add the event to your existing plan, depending on what works best for you.

Before setting up a special service, decide to create a plan within an existing Service Type or in a new Service Type. If you are adding more than one new service time or changing your service times entirely, a new Special Service Type is the way to go. If you are only adding one new time, then keeping it in your existing Service Type can be simpler.

New Service Type

If your special service is more like a special event, create a new service type and set its frequency to none. For example:

  • If you are doing a Christmas musical, a prayer night, or a night of worship where your teams are very different than your normal service.

  • If you have multiple special event services per year and want to group them together more easily.

  • If you want to set this up once and then use it each time.

Existing Service Type

Most of the time, you will want to create a plan within an existing Service Type. This includes when you want to:

  • Add an extra time to your normal services time, like a Sunrise Easter service.

  • Have your regular service at a different time, like a Christmas Eve service on Friday night instead of Sunday morning.

  • Have a service any other time where your teams are mostly the same or are an extension of your regular service.

Check out the Tips for Creating a Special Service article for tips on creating a special service within an existing Service Type.

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