Send and Edit Prepared Notifications

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Prepared notifications are sent to people that are assigned to positions but haven't yet been notified of their assignments.

Until you send a prepared notification email, your team members will not know they have been scheduled and will not be able to see the plan.

Send Notifications to the Team

In the Teams section in a plan, people who have not yet been emailed have an envelope icon next to their name.

To send a notification to everyone who has not yet received one, select Email from the team's option menu

Edit or Schedule a Person

After sending prepared notifications, you can set up a Reminder Email to be automatically sent at a specified time.

Email or Edit Individual Notification Settings

Email an individual or clear the notification manually by selecting their name.

Editing scheduled person

You can email the person individually or clear the notification manually.

  1. Click their email address to send an email to them individually.
  2. Make sure that the Team, Position, and Replies To settings are correct.
  3. Uncheck the box next to Prepare if you want to disable the notification without sending the email. This allows the person to access the plan when they log in.
    Once the notification has been sent, you can no longer check the Prepare box.

Click Save when you are finished making changes.

If you want all of your team members to have access to the plan as soon as you add them to it without receiving an email, uncheck the notification default in the Team Settings.

After sending prepared notifications, you can set up a Reminder Email to be automatically sent at a specified time.

Edit Team Notification Settings

If you want to change the scheduling defaults for a whole team, go to the Team Settings tab.

  1. Most teams set the team Status to Unconfirmed. This allows team members to confirm or decline the position to themselves. If you know that team members have already committed to scheduled times, you can set the status to Confirmed.
  2. If Prepared is checked, notification emails must be sent in order for team members to see an assignment on their schedule. If you want people to know they're scheduled for a plan without receiving an email, uncheck the box.
  3. Once you set Team Leaders for your team, they can be set as the Replies To person, the one who receives emails about people's status. You can also set this person to be the Current Scheduler, the person who placed them on the schedule from a Template or a Plan, or All Team Leaders listed in the Team Leaders tab, depending on who you'd like to receive replies.
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