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Team leaders are entrusted with letting volunteers know when they're on the schedule. By default, the team settings for notifications are set to Prepared, meaning teams can not see the plan until they receive an email notification. This "penciled-in" state allows team leaders to change positions in private and control when their team can see the plan.

If you do not want to send an email and instead just give an individual or entire team access to your plan, you can turn off the default prepared notifications.


Alternatively, you can send an email from the matrix or plan.

Email Your Teams

When you are ready for others to see your plan, notify them by sending an email. These emails include:

There are three ways to send emails, depending on who you want to receive them.

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  1. Select Send at the top of a team's list to email that entire team.

  2. Select the email icon next to a person's name to email that person only.

  3. Use the email icon at the top of the plan to email everyone in that plan.

To see who has not received a notification, look for the email icon next to their name.

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Turn off Prepared Notifications

By Team

If you have static teams, like speakers, that do not need an email notification every week, you can turn off prepared notifications from the team settings.

By Individual

If you want someone to be able to access the plan without sending a notification, you can turn off the notification setting for that specific person.

Select a person's name in the plan, uncheck the Prepared box, and save your changes.

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The prepared notification email icon no longer appears next to that person's name, meaning they can access the plan from their schedule.

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