Prepared Notifications

When you schedule people, an email icon is placed next to their name to indicate that an email has been prepared but has not been sent. Until you manually send the notifications, your team members will not know they have been scheduled and will not be able to see the plan.

If a Reminder Email is scheduled to be sent, and it goes out before the notification email, the email icon will disappear.

Edit or Schedule a Person
  1. Edit a person by clicking their name.
  2. Schedule a new person by clicking add people and then Schedule a Team Member.

By default, when you schedule new people, this box is checked. If you don't want it checked, you can change the default.

A notification is prepared and is ready to be sent

When a person is scheduled, an email icon shows next to that person's name, and an email button appears at the top of that team for you to quickly email people with prepared notifications in that team.

Click the email button under the team name or at the bottom of the people section to send the notifications.

Any Scheduled Viewers who have an email icon next to their name will not see that they have been scheduled for this plan and cannot respond.

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