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When scheduling multiple teams and plans, it's often helpful to start placing people on the schedule temporarily, so that if you run into conflicts, you can move people around until you have your final schedule.

If you don't want people to see their assignments until you've finalized it, use Prepared Notifications in your scheduling.

Place People on Schedule

By default, Prepared Notifications are enabled in Team Settings, so that people won't see their assignments in a plan until you send them a scheduling email.

You can see who has pending Prepared Notifications by looking for the email icon next to their names. You can move these people around, and they won't know they have been reassigned.

Edit or Schedule a Person

Finalize the Schedule

After you have assembled your final schedule, send a Scheduling Email or disable Prepared Notifications.

Reminder Emails will also clear the Prepared Notification and allow the recipients to see their plan, whether or not a scheduling email is sent.

Send a Scheduling Email

Send a Scheduling Email to one individual, one team, or all teams in the plan or matrix.

After the scheduling email is sent, all recipients will be notified of their assignments, and the envelope icon next to their name disappears.

Disable Prepared Notifications

If you don't want to send a scheduling email, and you want people to see the plan on their schedule, you can disable Prepared Notifications.

To disable a Prepared Notification for a person, click their name in the plan, manually uncheck the Prepare box, and save your changes.

Anyone with disabled Prepared Notifications will see their schedule the next time they log in.

To disable Prepared Notification for the whole team in the future, uncheck the Prepared box in the Scheduling Defaults for the team.

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