Prepared Notifications

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When you schedule people, an email icon is placed next to their name to indicate that an email is ready to be sent. Until you send an email, your team members will not know they have been scheduled and will not be able to see the plan.

If a Reminder Email is scheduled to be sent, and it goes out before you manually send an email, the email icon will disappear.

From the Teams section in a plan, view people who have not yet been emailed.

Edit or Schedule a Person

If people in the team have not received an email, the envelope icon will show next to their names. Email everyone on that team by selecting Email from the Team's option menu.

Email an individual or disable the notification by selecting their name.

  1. Select their email address to send an email to them individually.
  2. Disable the notification without sending the email, which gives them access to the plan when they log in, by unchecking the box next to Prepare.
    Once the notification has been sent, you can no longer check the Prepare box.
  3. After the prepared notification is emailed to a person, the email is in the Sending state for up to 5 minutes. If you send them any other notifications with the same message content within 5 minutes, they will be combined into one bundled email containing each request.

If you want your team members to have access to the plan as soon as you add them to it without receiving an email, uncheck the notification default in the Team Settings.

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