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Allow users to schedule themselves for available dates by enabling Signup Sheets.


For Signup Sheets to work, needed positions have to be set up for the team.

Enable Signup Sheets

You can enable Signup Sheets for a team in just one plan or every time a plan is created.

To enable signup sheets for just one plan, hover over the dropdown next to a team and check the box next to Enable Signups.

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You can view the signup once enabled by clicking Sign up at the top of your team schedule in the plan. 

If you want to enable Signup Sheets every time a team is added to a plan in the future, check Auto-enable for new plans from Team Settings.

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This checkbox will not enable Signup Sheets for existing plans, only for new plans.

Email People

After you enable signups for all appropriate plans, you can email people from a plan or a matrix. Everyone in the position will get this email informing them that a Signup Sheet is open.

From a plan, go to the Teams tab and click the email icon.


From a matrix, click email these people.

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The teams that you are a leader of will be displayed. If you are a Scheduler, these are the only teams you can email. If you have higher permissions, you can add additional teams.

Choose Signup Sheets, and optionally add additional teams if you have permission.

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Click Next when you are ready to send the emails. As soon as the emails are sent, people in those assigned positions can sign up from their My Schedule page, which will be linked in the email.

Sign Up for a Position

The Signup Sheet email contains a link that will take people to their My Schedule page, where they can select the Signup Sheet to use. 

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On the Signup Sheet, each person will see the dates and positions open for them to sign up. If they are already scheduled for something that creates a conflict, a flag will be present to remind them of that as they select new times to serve. 

  1. View the details of conflicts you have with this assignment.

  2. See the details for all the times associated with this assignment.

  3. See the details of the teams assigned to this assignment.



Signup Sheets are only used for signing up. People with higher permissions won't see anything different than others; they'll only see buttons to sign up for their assigned open positions.

Selecting a spot in the signup sheet and clicking Sign up adds them to the plan as Confirmed and adds the times to their schedule and calendar, if synced.

Signup Notifications

When a team member uses a Signup Sheet to sign up for a request, it is treated like accepting a request.

Any appropriate team leaders with Accept notifications enabled will be notified.


For a team with Signup Sheets enabled, make sure the default Replies To person in the Team Settings is set to notify a team leader, not the Current Scheduler. If it's set to Current Scheduler, no one will be notified when someone signs up.

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