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Allow users to schedule themselves! People assigned to positions can schedule themselves to positions for available dates when Signup Sheets is enabled.

Check out this video to learn more about sign up sheets, and then read the article below for detailed instructions.

You can choose to enable Signup Sheets for the team for just one plan or for every time a plan is created.

To enable signup sheets for just one plan, hover over the dropdown and check the box next to Enable Signups. Once enabled, any person assigned to the positions in that team can sign up for this plan until all the positions are filled.

enable on plan

View the signup sheet once it's enabled by selecting Signup Sheet on the team box.

If you'd like to enable Signup Sheets for a Team every time a plan is added, you can do that from Team Settings.

If you have already added plans, this checkbox will not enable Signup Sheets for those plans; you have to manually enable those by plan.

team setup

In order to use Signup Sheets, you have to have needed positions and an assigned Replies To Person. Without needed positions, people cannot sign up, and if no person is assigned as the Replies To person, you will receive all signup notifications.

Sign Up for a Position

After you enable signups for all appropriate plans, email people under the Signup Sheets tab to let them know signups are available.

send email

Those listed in those positions will receive an email with a link to View the Signup Sheet.


They can also sign up by selecting Sign Up from the My Schedule page.

As soon as Signup Sheets are enabled, people in those positions will see a link to sign up on their dashboard. Each Service Type has one Signup Sheet which will show signups for any teams with Signups enabled. If a signup sheet has dates the user hasn't seen before, the signup sheet will be in green.

Each person will see sign up for any assigned and available positions. Any teams they are assigned to will be at the top of the Signup Sheet, but other service information can be viewed at the bottom of the Signup Sheet by expanding the section.

Signing Up

Signup Sheets are only used for signing up. People with higher permissions won't see anything different than others; they'll only see buttons to sign up for their assigned open positions.

When someone clicks sign up, they will see all the times associated with that position with a note to let them know they are confirming the date(s). If they have any conflicts, they can hover over the conflict for more information.

Confirm your choice

Clicking Accept adds them to the plan as Confirmed and adds the times to their schedule and calendar, if synced.

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