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You can use plan reports to print lists of people serving on a specific team, your service order, service times recorded in Services LIVE, songs used in a plan, and more. You can also create your own custom plan reports.

The Standard Report is the default report. You can select or deselect items to customize what's printed.

If you want to use a different report, you can view other report options from the dropdown menu.

  • Custom Reports are reports someone in your church has created just for you. You can also modify the Custom Reports or create your own.

  • Standard Custom Reports are the more popular custom reports that are set up for you so that you don't have to create the custom report yourself.

Standard Custom Report Examples

Open the sections below to see examples of standard custom reports.

PEOPLE: Plan People With Contact Info

This report shows the list of people scheduled to teams and their contact information.

PEOPLE: plan people with contact info.png

PLAN: Color With Series Art

This report is printed in color and shows the service order, people and general notes, the time planned for each service element, and people assigned to specific teams.

PLAN: color with series art.png

PLAN: Simplified Production Flow

This report shows the team assignments and a simplified service order, including schedule and length of items.

PLAN: simplified production flow.png

LIVE: Recorded Times

This report can be generated after a service to collect information about the planned and actual length of different service items.

LIVE: recorded times.png
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