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This lesson shows you what types of reports you can print from a Plan. Use alternate plan reports to print Plan People Contact details, Print information recorded in Planning Center Live, and make your Order of service look differently.

Once you are viewing a plan, click print.

Once you are viewing a plan, click "Print"

The  Standard Report is the default report in the Print Options box. The Standard Report includes various options so that you can customize it in Planning Center.

The "Standard Report" is the default report in the "Print Options" box

You can also print other reports from the dropdown menu.

You can also print other reports from the drop down menu
  1. The Standard Report comes with Planning Center.
  2. Custom Reports are reports someone in your church has created just for you.
  3. Standard Custom Reports are the more popular custom reports other churches have made, so that you don't have to create the custom report yourself! If you want to make minor changes to any of these Standard Custom Reports, you can easily customize them.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Custom Reports are available for you to create if you know some HTML, CSS and the Liquid Programming Language which is used to dynamically insert your data into the report. These reports will be listed at the top, under your church name Reports.

If you wish to add or edit your church's custom reports, click edit custom reports to the right.

Open the sections below to see examples of some of the Standard Custom Reports.

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