Setting Up or Editing Needed Positions

Set up needed positions when you don't yet know who you want to schedule but you know you will need a certain number of people to fill a position. Add needed positions to templates when you will need the same number of people each week to greatly simplify your scheduling.

Add Needed Positions

From inside any plan, click add people then choose the needed positions option at the bottom of the People section on the left side of the page.


You can also add people by clicking the People Tab, which will move your Teams to the center screen.

Edit needed positions

Edit needed positions

Once you click needed positions, you can add how many people you'll need in each position. Select the team in the sidebar then indicate the number of people you will need for each position shown. When you've added all the position, click Accept.

Only teams that have at least one position will show in this window. If you need to edit teams or add more positions, click Teams in the yellow box at the top.

Schedule People

Schedule your people

Using needed positions makes your scheduling easier: click on the 1 person needed to add a person to that position.

Select someone

These are the people you have assigned to your position. Click a person to select them, and click Accept to schedule them to your plan.

  1. Next to each person, you'll see any conflicts or scheduling preferences related to the times assigned to the current position. Hold your mouse over the conflict to see exactly what that conflict is. You can still schedule people that have a conflict, but it will warn you first.
    Yellow shows conflicts with other plans.
    Red shows blockout dates.
    Orange shows scheduling preferences to avoid, like if they have set to serve 3 times a month and this would be their fourth time.
    Green shows family scheduling preferences, like if they have set to serve at the same time as another family member, and that other family member is already scheduled to the same plan.
  2. Hover over a person to see the details of their conflicts and preferences. You can use the edit preferences button to set their preferences; however, each user can set these preferences from their profile.
  3. Each Team (and each Service Type) can have its own options for how to determine the last date a person is scheduled for. If you'd like to temporarily use a different date, you can with this dropdown. To permanently change this for your Team (especially if you use auto-scheduling), change it in the Team Settings.
  4. If you assign people directly to positions, you will also be able to add new people to this position using the Add bar at the bottom. You can remove people from this position by hovering over them and clicking the red minus button. If you set up your positions to be assigned using tags, you will not have these options.
  5. Filter this list of people to only show those who are available by clicking hide [number] people with conflicts. This setting will be saved until you click to show people with conflicts, so the next time you fill a needed position, people with conflicts will be hidden by default.

You can set up needed positions in your templates, so they are automatically added to new plans.

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