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Set up needed positions in templates or plans when you don't yet know who you want to schedule, but you need a certain number of people to fill a position. Then you can easily schedule people by selecting the needed position.

If you will need the same needed positions for most of your plans, add the needed positions to a template so that you can reuse them in more than one plan.

Add Needed Positions

From inside any template or plan, hover over add people, and choose Needed Positions.


add people from teams

Select the team from the list on the left, enter the number of people you need for each position, and then click Accept.

Edit needed positions

Only teams with at least one position will show in this window. If you need to edit teams or add more positions, click Teams in the yellow box at the top.

Schedule People

To schedule a person to a needed position, click x person needed for the position that you want to schedule.

Schedule your people

View any conflicts or scheduling preferences for the people assigned to this position.

Select someone
  1. Any conflicts or scheduling preferences related to the times assigned to the current position, along with any profile notes, are shown next to a person's name. You can still schedule people that have a conflict, if necessary.
  2. Each Team and Service Type has its own options for how to determine the last date a person is scheduled for. You can choose a different option from the dropdown.
  3. Hover over a person to see the details of their conflicts and preferences.
  4. If this is not a Tag Team, add new people to this position using the search bar.
  5. Filter this list of people to show only those who don't have conflicts by clicking hide x people with conflicts.

When you've decided who to schedule, check the box next to their name, and then click Accept to schedule them to your plan.

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