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You can allow someone who does not have a login to your Planning Center account to access a public view of the plans you've created and generate special "Permalinks" that will take you to a specific plan based on a date.

Select the information you'd like to show on the plan from the Public View tab of the Service Type Settings.

Once you've made your selections, Accept, and go into a plan to enable public access.

Click the dropdown and check the box to Enable Public View.

1. View the Public Plan Page

Click View to view the public plan page.

Public plan pages can be viewed by anyone, even if they don't have a Planning Center login.

If any of your songs have public attachments, anyone viewing this page will be able to click on the button below your songs to be taken to those sites to listen to those song attachments.

Once you are on a public plan, you can copy the URL and share the link, so others can access that specific public plan, or, if you don't want to open the public plan page every time you want to share the link, use the Permalink.

2. Share on Twitter or Facebook

When you choose the Twitter icon, a box with a pre-composed tweet of all the songs from your plan opens, as well as a hashtag, and a shortened URL to the Public Plan Page.


Edit the tweet to your language then log in and tweet.

Similar information is pre-loaded for Facebook.


Any songs are listed in the text of the link. When people click the link, they'll be taken to the public plan page.

  1. Select where this worship set is posted: your own Timeline, a group, a friend's page, or if you manage your church's Facebook page, you can post it there.
  2. Add your own comments about the post if you'd like.

Once you're done, post it to Facebook!

Planning Center will never post anything to your twitter automatically. You will have to log in and tweet in order for the tweet to be shared. We value you and your church's privacy, and we have our own Twitter and Facebook pages that we post all of our updates or information to. We won't use yours for that.

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