The Plans Page (Dashboard)

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The main Plans page, or Dashboard, is where you navigate through all your Service Types and Folders to access individual plans. This lesson explains the different parts of the Dashboard.

Anatomy of the Plans Page

Anatomy of the Plans Page
  1. My Schedule- Expanding this bar will show you all of the upcoming plans and positons you are personally scheduled for in your account.
  2. FOLDER- a folder contains services types, and are used simply for organizational purposes. You could create as many folders as you wanted to and place your service types in them, but they are simply there to organize your plans page and add another level of permission. A good example of using a folder would be to have one titled "Student Ministries" and then within that folder, have service types called "High School Ministry", "Jr. High Ministry", and "College-Age Ministry". Or you can use rooms, like in the example above with "Main Auditorium".
  3. SERVICE TYPE- a service type is the main area in which you will plan for one particular service that happens throughout your week. As shown above, there are two service types listed: Children's and Youth. These are the service types referred to in our pricing structure.
  4. PLANS- a plan is an individual service flow that is usually created on a weekly basis. It contains all of the scheduled people and items for that particular service day. Any plans that you are scheduled in will be shown in bold.
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