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The main Plans page is where you navigate through Service Types and Folders to access individual plans.

It also holds the main calendar, and, if you have high enough permissions, access to the Services Settings.

When you select the Plans page, you're taken to the most recently viewed folder.

  1. The top of your dashboard shows you which folder you're viewing. If you're not in a folder, you'll see the church name as the top of your dashboard.
  2. If you expand My Schedule, you can access all of the upcoming plans and positons you are personally scheduled for. You can also sign up for a position if signup sheets are enabled.
  3. A Folder is for organizational purposes. You could create as many folders as you wanted to and place your Service Types in them, but they are simply there to organize your Plans page and add another level of permission. Use locations or departments as folder names.
    A good example of using a folder would be to have one titled "Student Ministries" and then within that folder, have service types called "High School," "Jr. High," and "College & Career."
  4. A Service Type is the main area in which you will plan for your services. Typically these are weekly services, but you can also have Service Types which hold special services that recur randomly.
  5. A Plan is the service flow. It contains all of the scheduled people and items for that particular service day, including any times. Any plans you are scheduled to will be shown in bold.
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