Use Plan Notes for Team Information

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Plan notes can be used for information that applies to a whole plan or a specific team, such as sermon notes that not everyone needs to see. They are included in emails and reminder messages if assigned to a particular team.

Add Plan Notes

Expand Notes in the left panel, and then select Add to create a note in an existing category.

Select the category, add the note, and assign the team(s) who need to see the note.

Select Save to add it to the plan, or choose Send to save it to the plan and immediately send the note to your team. 


You can also add plan notes to the matrix or by including them in an email.

Edit Plan Note Categories

Customize the categories from the service type settings.

  1. Add new categories.

  2. Reorder categories by using the handle.

  3. Hover over a category and select the pencil icon to edit it.

  4. Organization administrators have seven days to recover a note category once it's deleted.

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