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You can add notes to items or an entire plan. This keeps everything your volunteers need in one place so they can have confidence that they are prepared. Plan notes are available in the emails, the Services app, and Church Center.

  • Plan Notes can be used for information that applies to a specific team regarding the whole plan, such as sermon notes that not everyone needs to see. If assigned to a particular team, they will be included in emails from the plan and reminder texts, if enabled to people assigned to that team.

  • Item Notes include song information such as BPMs, CCLI numbers, and song sequences. They can also have other categories, such as the person responsible for the item, lighting, or band cues.

Plan Notes

Plan notes apply to the whole plan, not just an individual item. Plan notes also show in the matrix and Church Center. You can add notes in previously set up categories, and you can add new note categories.

Plan note categories can be assigned to specific teams, so only the relevant notes are visible by default.

To add a Plan Note to an existing category, click Notes in the left menu to expand the section and click Add.

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Select the category, add the note, assign the team(s) who can view it, and then click Save to add it to the plan. You can also click Send to save and immediately send the note to your team. 


Plan notes are also included in any plan emails for those assigned.


To add a note to the Matrix, expand the Plan Notes section and select any cell to edit the plan note. Press Enter to save your note.


You can also add a plan note directly from an email using Suggested Notes!

Edit Plan Note Categories

You can customize your categories for plan notes to fit your church's needs. To access note categories, go to the Service Type Settings by clicking the gear icon in a Service Type and selecting Settings


In the Plan Note Categories section, hover over a category and click the pencil icon to edit. You can also add new categories, reorder your categories, or restore recently deleted categories from here. 

  1. Add new categories.

  2. Organize categories by using the drag-and-drop handle.

  3. Edit a category.


    The pencil icon will appear when your cursor moves over the category.

  4. View and restore recently deleted categories.


Organizational Administrators can only restore deleted categories for 7 days. 

Viewing Plan Notes

Plan notes can be viewed in several ways: from the plan in Services, Church Center, or your prepared notification and reminder emails. 

In the plan, they are on the left sidebar.


In Church Center, you'll find it at the bottom of the plan. 


Plan notes are also included in reminder emails and texts (if enabled).


Item Notes

Item Notes are attached to a specific plan item. You can add notes in previously set up categories, and you can add new note categories.

To see item notes in a plan, click the three-line menu in the upper right corner and select the note categories you'd like to see in the plan.



The Song Sequence and BPM are set on a song arrangement page but can be customized in the plan. The CCLI# is set on the song page.

Add Item Notes

To add notes to an item, select the item and use the fields under the Notes tab.


You can also add notes to any field displayed in the plan without opening the details by hovering over the note column on the item row and typing in the note.

enter notes.png


Hold Shift + Enter to create a line break within the note.

Edit Item Note Categories

You can customize your item note categories to fit the needs of your church. To access note categories, click the gear icon in a Service Type and select Settings to go to the Service Type Settings tab.

service type settings_settings_arrow.png

You can reorder the list of categories, and each category can be edited or deleted.

  1. To add a new category, click Add.

  2. Reorder the categories by dragging the handles.

  3. Edit a category title by hovering over it and selecting the title.

  4. Delete a category by hovering over it and clicking the edit pencil, then Delete.

  5. If you want to hide categories from the plan when they're blank, drag them to the Occasionally Used section.

Recover Deleted Item Note Categories

Once a note category is deleted, Administrators have seven days to be able to recover it.


After seven days, the note category cannot be recovered.

From the Service Type Settings page, click View recently deleted categories and click the category to recover it.


The category will be added back to the list, and any previously made notes will be restored.

Viewing Item Notes

Volunteers can view notes on whatever device they prefer, desktop, Services app, or Church Center! Here's where to find them.


Item notes can be viewed by exposing them in the plan or by opening the details of an item.


Services App

You can view these the same way in the mobile app.

  • In the plan, if the column is exposed:



If you can't see all your columns on mobile, turn your phone into the landscape position to see more of the screen.

  • In the item details:


Church Center

In Church Center, the My Schedule page will include your plans from Services. Tap the services to see the Plan Details, which will consist of any plan notes assigned to the team you are serving in under My Notes.

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