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To create an order of service and schedule people, you need to create a new plan or copy an existing plan.

Create a New Plan

Click Add plan from the bottom of a Service Type.

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Set up the correct information for the new plans.

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If you don't see this popup, your Service Type frequency is set to None. After creating a new plan, you can import any template into the plan by using the Import button at the top right of the plan.

  1. Choose the number of plans you want to add.

  2. Select the date for the times you want to use for the plans you're adding. The dropdown is shows the last four plans as well as the last four recently viewed plans.

  3. Select when you want these plans to start.

  4. Select the template you want to use for the plan date you've selected.

If you add multiple dates, you can choose a different template for each date.

Once you've adjusted the information, select Add to be taken to the first plan.

Copy or Export a Plan

If you copy the same plan often, copy it as a template instead of a plan, then use the template to create your new plans.

To copy a plan from within the plan, choose Export/Copy from the Actions dropdown in the upper-right corner of a plan


To copy a plan from the Service Type dashboard, hover over the date of that plan, and click the plus icon.

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Choose what you'd like to be copied to your new plan.

  1. Choose what elements to copy from the plan to the new one.

  2. Choose if you'd like it copied to an existing plan, a new plan, or a template.

  3. Select which Service Type this plan will belong to.

  4. Choose which plans you want to export this data to. 

Click Submit when finished and your plan will be copied!

Plan People will only copy if the Team and Positions already exist in the Service Type that you're going to copy them to.

  1. Add or adjust a time for this service or for a rehearsal, or just another time you want to include.

  2. Schedule a person or add needed positions for people to fill.

  3. Add an item, such as a song or media, or header to your order of service.

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